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Hellllooooooo. Hi there. How are you???? I apologize for not having posted WIPs in such a long time. Here is what I have on the needles right now.

Ali Cowl
Ali Cowl, by Amanda Lilley
Yarn Quince and Co Tern on size 8 needles
I have to say that when Amanda releases a new pattern, I am helpless to fight the urge to cast on ASAP. Her knits are fun, instructional and make great accessories. This cowl pattern is easy to follow and has a twisted stitch element, it is my mindless project that I can work on while sitting in a meeting or a group where the chatter is lively. I am getting ahead of myself, but the button jars are calling me to seek out the perfectly matched fasteners even though I am feet away from bind off.

Ali Cowl
Welted Cowl
Alpaca Welted Cowl, by John Brinegar
Yarn A Touch of Twist Alpaca Tweed, from my first trip NH Sheep and Wool in 2012, on size 5 needles.
The yarn is a bit sheddy but so soft. I think this cowl will be what I reach for when the deep cold sets in. I have knit this pattern before, but this time I swatched, got gauge, and so the scale is much more manageable. (The first cowl was knit in Lion Brand Homespun on size 10 needles and could have fit the Jolly Green Giant). I love the three dimensional effect of welting, or as defined, a raised tube of horizontal ribbing. I get addicted to the knitting on rows of stockinette and alternate garter stitch. This cowl pattern is also a low demand on my attention and I can work on it nearly anywhere. I am trying to give each of these three projects a few hours of knitting time in order to finish sooner. I have hats I want to cast on next!

Welted Cowl
In August, Away
 In August, Away by Bristol Ivy
Yarn Malabrigo SilkyMerino in Cumparsita on size 5 and 6 needles
Maybe you'll recall that  I wrote about this pattern when it was first released. I really like the patterns that Bristol designs, I enjoy the techniques I learn while knitting these projects. There is nothing too challenging here, have no hesitation to try making one yourself. The things I am learning are knitting lace, seeing an angular diagonal frame emerge as the rows are done, and ultimately the sheer pleasure of feeling the Malabrigo slip through my fingers as I knit. I made slow progress in the beginning, mostly because of impulsive chart reading, and subsequent frogging when mistakes became evident. I am learning to really read all the way through before getting underway. They say to save time, swatch. I say, in addition, read the whole pattern before you start knitting and think through what you will be doing. Long story short, I would benefit from sitting with a remedial reading coach. :/

Diagonal frame between the lace and the stockinette stitches
I am alternating skeins to avoid pooling.
Did you ever check out the movie Moonrise Kingdom? In August, Away is a Benjamin Britten composition, there are other haunting tunes in the soundtrack. Go to YouTube and give this a listen.

Finally, if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (19vesperstreet), you will note the obsession with the Play Me I'm Yours pianos I have been putting up. They are scattered around the city of Boston for the next month in an different sort of art installation. I am not a talented pianist at all, I can barely play chopsticks.... but I do so love seeing a beautifully tricked out piano, sitting patiently as it awaits someone to brush their fingertips over the keys. Here are a few photos of the pianos I discovered as I walked along in my daily routines here in the city.

On the plaza in front of City Hall. Amazing acoustics....
Along the Greenway near South Station. Curious observers.
Jellyfish decorate this piano.
A backdrop of skyscrapers
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Alicia said…
Wow, those pianos are super cool!
Evelyn said…
Great WIPs, Erin! Love the yarn you're knitting the August, Away cowl in ~ colors are so rich!
Babajeza said…
The pianos are cool. They were not there in early August. ;-)
WonderWhyGal said…
I love all of those projects! The pianos are gorgeous.

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