Knitting Pipeline Retreat, Alfred Maine

Some of the many Maine Morning Mitts made by Pipeliners.

The photo above is just one of many I have from my week in Maine. I met so many wonderful and talented knitters, I saw so many beautiful knitted items and my favorites list has grown accordingly. I have so much to share with you after being in the company of The Knitting Pipeline retreat knitters. Check in here tomorrow for photos, stories and general bliss.


WonderWhyGal said…
Look at all of those mitts! I want to run to that table and stick my hands in all of them.
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful display of creativity! Makes me want to cast on a pair or two!
mamagiff on ravelry
Erin Mcdonald said…
The Maine Morning Mitts are a free pattern on Ravelry and they are in Clara Parkes Book of Yarn. They are a very quick knit and oh so easy!
FoFo said…
Love the monster wearing a pair of mitts.

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