Meet my friend Grace

I want you to meet my friend Grace, also known as JuniperGrace. She is a maker, a blogger and a huge fan of Instagram. (she got so many of us at the Maine Knitting Retreat to start putting images on IG). Grace lives in British Columbia on Vancouver Island. She has a bevy of knit night friends that are designers, dyers and generally creative types. Grace also keeps the child in her heart alive by being a camp leader for her group of young girls. Oh, I forgot one important fact, she is a master at coffee making and has been schooled by Starbucks to know a good cuppa when she sees one!

Grace is overjoyed to be at Saco River Yarn Shop, surrounded by walls of Quince and Co yarn!
Grace has recently started podcasting at JuniperGraceTube and her style is that of a storytelling, book reading, ukelele strumming, coffee drinking aficionado and, an avid knitter. Grace has a voice that draws you in, her stories might have you laughing away or murmuring... "I do that too".  Grace has a way of being truly passionate about so many things, genuinely loving the many things that make her smile. This love is infectious and ity lifts me up, I hope you will experience the same effect.

Grace knits like a machine. If you will allow me to drop names, the members of her knitting group include the likes of Jane Richmond, Shannon Cook and Annie Claire. So she rubs elbows with designers and indie dyers. Give her show a listen and see if you don't become entranced like the rest of us! If watching a longer podcast episode doesn't fit into your schedule, the give a listen to the link below. This is one of her videos where she does a cover song while playing her ukelele.

I am a huge fan of podcasts, I don't watch much TV and so the podcasts fill my evening with talk of yarn, knitting patterns, weaving and shenanigans. I love The Fat Squirrel Speaks, The Knit Girllls and Stockinette Zombies. I have found a few new podcasters and I will be sharing them here on Thursdays.  If what I've written so far hasn't piqued your curiosity enough to go to Grace's website, then let me tempt you with some of the topics and shenanigans we have watched in the first five episodes.
  • Episode One: Wherein Grace shares so many of the fun and memorable events of the Knitting Pipeline Maine retreat.
  • Episode Two: Grace kicks off the show singing and playing her ukelele, she shares tales of a wedding sweater and her personal labels, which are hand sewn into the things she makes.
  • Episode Three: Merry Christmas and merry making
  • Episode Four: Grace shares with us the fine art of brewing delish coffee! Plus there will be talk of knitting!
  • Episode Five: Sockssess
Leave me a comment and let me know if you found the podcast entertaining!


Sue said…
Juniper Grace is fantastic and I love her podcast. Another podcast you might be interested in is Molly from Homspunhouse.
Juniper Grace said…
ERIN! you are the best!! holy hannah I feel all blushy and stuff! Careful now or you are gonna give me a giant head! I LOVE YOU! and I'm so glad I got to meet you!!!! MUAH

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