The Friday of previously completed FOs, the highlights.

Binx approves. Magic Cake Ruffle Shawl by Paula Emons-Fuessle
 I have not been blogging over the past few months but I have been knitting. Do you want to see the highlights of all things finished? I don't do this display to be boastful, but to enable. I hope you'll see some of the fun things that have come off my needles and be inspired to follow me down the rabbit hole to having many WIPs on your needles!

Finished Objects from December and January

Pattern: Hannah Hat by Shannon Cook.
Yarn: Unlabeled bulky wool from the Saco River Yarn shop on size 17 needles.
My first item is a quick and stylish hat by Shannon Cook. I made it as a Christmas gift for one of my girls in very, very short order. I marveled at the edginess of the scale of stitches and the sheepy smell of the fiber. The pompom was a whimiscal finishing detail.

Rikke Honey Hat
Pattern: Rikke Honey Hat by Sarah Young
Yarn: Cascade Epiphany on size 4 and 7 needles.
This free hat pattern is one of my favorites so far this cold and windy winter. Garter stitch has so much clout don't you think? The yarn is a 60/20/20 blend of alpaca, silk and cashmere. The honey color makes me happy and the drape is nice and soft.
The pattern as it is written calls for alternating rounds of knits and purls. I knit the hat flat so I could just knit garter stitch, then I seamed it. My friend Julie encouraged me to make it and I have no regrets. I will need to cast on another one soon, as it is comfort knitting, good for working while watching a movie or sitting and talking. The directions are that simple.

Drizzle by Mel/MskiKnits
Pattern: Drizzle by Mel/MskiKnits
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend, colorway Wildflower on size 5 needles
I started knitting this hat whilst accepting a challenge from some of my friends on Instagram. A couple of knitters wanted to knit along on this hat and so I joined in. The yarn has such gorgeous hues with high sheen and the drape is nice too. This is my second time knitting the Drizzle hat pattern and I really enjoyed it. It is a knit in the round, pay for pattern.
The Manos yarn was a destash gift from Becky, one of the women in my Monday night knit group. Thanks Becky!!!!!

Textured Noro Cowl, pre-blocking
Textured Noro Cowl, after blocking

Pattern: Textured Shibui MA. 1 by Antonia Shankland
Yarn:Noro Silk Garden and Classic Elite Yarns Woodlands on size 7 needle.
I made this cowl as a gift for one of my daughters for Christmas. The stitch definition is lovely as are the shifts of color in the Noro. My one complaint is that the length is that awkward in-between size, too long to wear unwrapped and too snug when looped twice. It may need to be re-knit or I may steek it and add some inches by doing a vertical solid panel. This is a free pattern on the Shibui website and it was an interesting, engaging, but not overly difficult knit.

Noro Infinitude Cowl
Pattern: Infinitude Noro Cowl, pattern by Jeni Chase
Yarn: Noro Silver Thaw on size 9 needles
Another Christmas gift knit for one of my girls. it worked up quickly and the pattern is so easy to follow. But like the Infinitude Cowl, there was the issue with that in-between length, though this one does look better when worn long. The colors go with nearly everything and the yarn is very soft for Noro. If you see a skein of Silver Thaw while shopping, check it out. This free pattern is an easy, speedy knit that I highly recommend you try. Imagine in hand spun? Mmmmmm.

Magic Cake Ruffle Shawl
 Pattern: Magic Cake Ruffle Shawl by Paula Emons-Fuessle
Yarns: Assorted skeins of fingering weight yarns knit on size 3 needle
This yarn is the Magic Cake made at our Knitting Pipeline Maine retreat. I arose very early one morning and  felt the itch to cast on something that I could knit while we went into Portland on our yarn crawl. I chose the brightest colored cake in the stack of freebie and cast on.Little did I know that I had inadvertently picked up this cake on the giveaway table where it had been placed by mistake. You see, Mel and Barb had worked hard at getting the colors in this cake aligned just so. Much of the yarn had been brought from Mel's personal stash. Can you imagine my chagrin when they exchanged knowing glances as they admired my first few inches of progress? I tried to frog, re-cake and return it but they would not allow me to do that, so I suggested it become the shawl version of the Traveling Pants. Soon I must send it on its way so that Barb and Mel can enjoy hearing the many compliments that this shawl brings.

Magic Cake Ruffle Shawl is a pay for pattern (reasonably priced), but OMG it is such fun! Paula gives you the directions on how to measure and then magic knot your skeins together. She keeps your knitting mojo flowing with a simple enough shawl design.  The knitting is easy to do and the fun in getting to the next color in the cake keeps you engaged and motivated.
My modifications were to tie my magic knots at the edge of the shawl rather than letting them pop up anywhere in mid-row. I used garter and stockinette intentionally to show off the variegated and solid yarns. I would definitely recommend a contrasting edge color as you bind off. And OMG!!!! You guys will love the bind off! Such fun. So the techniques I learned were: Magic Knot, measuring yarns by grams to get even striping and the new Suspended Bind-Off.

I must admit that the shock of the bright colors next to each other made me a bit uneasy. Would this all hang together and look good, or would it be more like a crazy technicolor dream wrap? My fears were allayed as I knit on, and now I find that the array of intense colors goes with everything, and I do mean everything! When I wear it I get  many compliments, people are usually surprised to know it was hand made. (Oh you non-knitters, such sillies) So, go and have a look at Paula's project page, download this inexpensive pattern and have fun using up all of those leftover balls of yarns in your stash. (I have made a second Magic Cake shawl, but I will save it for next week, I want this baby to steal the show)!

There you have a slice of what i have been up to in the knitting realm. I have other things but these were my top picks. Stay tuned in the weeks to come as I share some of the fun events I have attended, books I have found and stash enhancements that have been added.

If you want to savor the work of other Finished Object Friday entries, go to Tami's Amis here. Or, check out the page that WonderWhyGal hosts. You really should join us you know, we are all looking to be enabled!


Carol said…
Lots of nice projects and in this cold weather you can never have too many warm hats! Just heard that Saco River Yarns is closing - so sorry to hear that - what happened?
Richard Rose said…
Lots of great projects there. I'm not much of a knitter but I still don't need enabling. I currently have 8 (soon to become 7 before I start a couple more and bring the count back up to 9) WIPs at the moment.
Cleo said…
Aw! The kitty is so cute. Everything looks great. I especially like Drizzle and Magic Cake. Just, those colors on MC!
WonderWhyGal said…
Oh my! You have been productive. I love the last shawl. The colors and texture are perfect.
Linda said…
Wow! I love it all! I'm planning on doing the cowl.....

Linda in VA
Karen Gareis said…
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! My favorites are the gifts for your daughters; they are lucky girls!

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