Works in Progress Wednesday

A bouquet of zips. I found these at Winmill Fabric for only 45 cents each. That's for 22" length!
My knitting works in progress this week have been derailed. Yes, derailed. I have a friend who has been urging me to make project bags to sell in her shop. She has been nudging me since last summer, but I was able to resist, up until now. As Amy Beth says, I drank the Kool-Aid, and it was goood. Here is what I have been obsessed with the past few days.

My back up sewing machine, yeah, don't judge.
My sewing machine is an old Singer from the 50's. My mom gave it to me when she got her Kenmore machine back in the 80's. I love the simplicity and history of that sewing machine, and it was always good enough for the things I made. Granted, I haven't really been sewing for years, but I digress. So, on the first day of February vacation, I gathered all of my sewing supplies and got out my machine. It has a wooden carry case, handle on top, maybe you can visualize. Well, keep your eyes closed as I tell you what happened next. With a booming crash, the machine met the floor with such force that both cats went into hiding for hours. The cover of the carry case came unglued, and the 40 pound machine dropped with an awful thud. Oh the sense of doom that unfolded as I carried it to the table for a test run. No good was going to come of the whining sounds and the refusal of movement. OMG. So I went for the back up machine which had been given to me by Auntie Helen years ago. This machine also sat there looking at me silently and also refused to move. What to do? Repair shop was found, calls were made, I was informed that, weeks in the future, my sewing machine might be returned to me, functional and tuned up. Or, not.  Onto the web I went and then got into the car and drove to Joann's to buy a new machine. This stuff never happens for me, new machine, just like that? Happy tax return to me, I was able to just go and get what I needed. Thank ye Jesus!

Onward with more photos and less chatter. I am hooked and have been busily pairing fabrics from stash and some newer purchases to make 20 project bags. I will be going to the Virginia Beach knitting retreat and hope to test the waters of joining the project bag home industry that is so pervasive today. (What? You don't lurk on esty? Wha what? Go look!) Disclaimer, the photos are not the best quality, lighting in winter is so challenging! Sorry...

Small sock project bag. Print fabric is new and is  paired with stuff from stash.
Tall drawstring bag
Strawberries! Fabric is from the deep stash. Smaller drawstring bag.
I so love this fabric, but have no idea where or when I got it. Sad face.
Using old stash to test a pattern idea. Tapestry fabric and quilting cotton.
I wish I had more of this fabric, it came out so well. A keeper!
I have more finished bags and will add them when I can get better lighting, but understand, this can be highly addictive! I did get some knitting done before I broke out the sewing notions. Here is a glimpse at the WIPs.

Spate mitts from the Journey book.
Pattern: Spate by Jane Richmond (Go and look through the Journey book, if you haven't already).
Yarn: Elderberry Aran, a gift from my friend Grace, knit on size 6 and 7 needles.
This is a hypnotic knit. I love how easy the pattern is to follow and the thumb opening is worth the price of entry. I have never seen this technique in mitt construction, but I will use it in the future. The yarn is delicious colors of greens that float in and out, the stitch pattern is so pretty, don't you think? Go and make a pair, betcha can't make just one set!

Wholehearted Shawl
Pattern: Wholehearted by Erika Flory
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill HandPaints, Happy Feet sock yarn on size 7 needles.
Don't go stash diving for a hat pattern if you have the attention span of a fruit fly. I couldn't find yarn for the hat, but I decided to make a second one of these shawls. I gave the first one as a Christmas gift. It was one of my favorite projects at the time and it went with so many outfits. Hat is still waiting for the right yarn. (Look, look, behind you... it's a sheep!) (sorry, fruit fly attention span, remember?)

Pattern: Antrorse by Shannon Cook, from the Journey book.
Yarn: Ca' d' Oro Louise Harding, knit on size 10 needles.
I had started swatching for this sweater back in November and then it got pushed back behind all of the Christmas knitting. Let me tell you, once you get going, you don't want to put it down. (Psst, she says that a lot, huh?) Seriously, I sat and worked on this for two days and in a more recent photo (not shown here) I am now six inches below the armhole. I did have to get more yarn though, under estimated, again! Thank ye ebay! Same dyelot and everything. I expect this will be off the needles next week. I so love the fabric I am getting.

I am lagging behind in my Swatch Like You Mean It class, I expect a call to the principal's office is eminent, detention a certainty. Just kidding, I am still intending to follow the lesson plans but my other life got in the way..... I will share my experience, I do hope you'll consider checking it out when Mel offers it again.


Karen Gareis said…
Today's post made me laugh and laugh. And I love your project bags, most especially the one with tapestry fabric and quilting cotton!
Evelyn said…
What wonderful project bags, E!!! I'm super excited for your new venture. ; )
eileen cashin said…
I agree with Evelyn, wonderful project bags, where can we find them, the photos made me want all of them.
Cleo said…
I love the strawberries! They all look great.

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