Fiber Camp March 14, 15, 16 2014 FASHION SHOW!!!!!!!!!

Common Cod Fiber Guild's Fifth Annual
I have mentioned here that I joined the board of the Common Cod Fiber Guild as the publicity person. It has been sooooo very exciting to be a part of the planning and to be in the know about upcoming speakers. (Stellar I tell you, stellar people are coming to speak and teach in the upcoming months!!!!!)

The concept of Fiber Camp is an informal gathering of people sharing their talents and knowledge and teaching/enabling the craft to others. The three day event is sure to be illuminating and I expect to be adding some news skills and new endeavors to my fiber related interests. This year, for the first time, we will have a fashion show and the designers will present some of their classic designs as well as premiering new patterns. There is such a collection of designers participating that my fingertips keep missing keys as I type, I am that excited! Below I offer you a brief thumbnail sketch of each designer. You'll need to come to the Fashion Show to see for yourself what surprises are in store!!!

Julia Farwell-Clay
Julia, a North Shore designer, has a beautiful and all encompassing web page, go and read more, and be sure to click on her blog. She has graciously offered to teach a number of classes on Saturday.  I am so pumped to be able to meet first hand the many designers friends that she will be bringing with her to Fiber Camp Fashion Show. Here is Netherwood, knit in Green Mountain Spinnery Weekend Wool, which was released earlier this year. The color, the regionally produced yarn, the stitch definition, all draw a knitter into considering a stash dive and a casting-on session.

Netherwood Photo by Maryse Roudier
Amy Christoffers 
Amy writes the blog Savory Knitting, designs gorgeous sweaters, and has the New England mind set that one can never have too many items of knitwear; the proof is in her extensive collection of patterns. Amy will not be at the Fashion Show but send her regards and her pieces to be modeled Saturday afternoon. The sweater photo was hard to narrow down, there are so many lovely images, but here is Calabash, knit in Green Mountain Spinnery Weekend Wool.

Calabash Photo by Jane Heller
Thea Colman
Thea is also known as babycocktails. She lives in Boston and is a prolific creator of beautiful patterns. She is also known to share the ingredients for novel drinks on her blog. Go have a read before you plan your next wool or beverage shopping excursion. She has released many patterns since this one came out, but I chose Narragansett as an image showcasing her design esthetic. Beachy setting, delectable yarn and gorgeous color, it drew me in the first time I saw it and it still holds a spot in my sweater queue.

Narragansett Photo by Splityarn
Misa Erder 
Misa Erder is a knitter and designer of colorwork hats that would cause collisions in Boston traffic. Well, I guess that would be true if I were behind the wheel.. the geometric shapes, the gemstone hues and the simplicity of construction are first rate. Here is a photo of a hat that I could covet, if I could only overcome my fear of stranding the colorworkwork.... Mad River
Each hat is unique because of the color chosen. The geometry is altered, in my eye, as I look at the variety of samples knit up and posted on her blog, Craftivore.

Mad River Photo by craftivore
Ellen Mason
Ellen Mason is a sweater designer who also sews. Check out her Dress and a Cardigan challenge. There's even a Pinterest board, (oh vapors are descending upon me now!) She set out to create a dress and cardigan, twelve in all. Think of the dresses in Mad Men, but with a modern twist of color or print. 
I realize now, I first found my way to Miss Ellen as I was reading about Nash Island Yarn. Her Mary Rebecca, knit in that same yarn, is in my queue of sweaters to knit. I do love the color she chose for the pattern project page, that golden rod hue is one that I am so drawn to.

Mary Rebecca Photo by odacier
Alison Green
Alison is a sweater designer living in Massachusetts. If I could use just one word to describe my favorite theme in many of her patterns, I would say "Cables". Rapunzel, the sweater below, is a great example of the art of using cables to elevate a pullover. The choice of lilac toned yarn doesn't hurt one bit either!  She also has a number of interesting hat and accessory patterns in her Ravelry shop. Go have a look-see.
Rapunzel Photo by alisonknits
Bristol Ivy
Last, but certainly not least, is Bristol Ivy. Can I confess a girl crush on her design and knitting endeavors without seeming creepy? I have loved her patterns for quite sometime now, I also love that she is a Maine girl, she works for Brooklyn Tweed, and writes a blog called Where the Red Winged Blackbird Flies.  

One of my favorite features on the blog is the Stock(inette) Market. (Bristol is a whiz with numbers and graphs, she extrapolates the most interesting data generated by the statistics on Ravelry. Go have a look at the trends that emerge in colors, items knitted and the projects cast on by those of us obsessed with breaking news on the Top Twenty patterns tab). Read her most recent post to marvel at the generosity of knitters.

There is an array of items on Bristol's Ravelry page, accessories, shawls, sweaters, but don't listen to me, go check for yourself. And I'll bet there are at least two or three that jump into your Favorites queue. I do love knitting her designs, as I will add at least a few new techniques to my tool kit with her instructions. I have chosen In August, Away for you to be inspired by. But, if a cowl is not your cuppa tea, I'm sure you will find a favorite!
In August, Away Photo by Bristol Ivy
So, I hope I haven't lost you and your attention to the brilliant designers who will be gracing our event on Saturday afternoon. I do hope I will see you there!


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Looking forward to seeing more pictures of Fiber Camp!

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