I've opened an Etsy shop for projects bags!!

First test bag using remnants
The past few weeks have found me crafting in a new way. You know I am always knitting, right? Well, I have been passing those hours of knitting in the sewing of project bags. Since last summer, my friend Julie has been urging me to join her Etsy shop, Mooncusser Bags. I was reluctant to drag out all of my sewing supplies and take over the dining room table.  But I was inspired and I gave it a try. My first test bag was constructed using some leftover scraps from previous sewing projects. The heavy upholstery fabric is lined with a floral print. This bag was inspired by one of my favorite knitting bags. Because it was a test, it is not in the shop. I had only enough fabric for the one bag.

Small project bag. Click to go to shop.
I have been with Julie as she shopped for supplies and I enjoyed helping her find fabric and complimentary linings. It was such fun, and when I found a fabric at my local shop, I thought.. "Hmm should I get this and send it to Julie?" Heck no! I'll use it and see how a bag might turn out. The village print has so much detail and happy colors, the base is a crinkle cotton in a sunny yellow. The bag is fully lined and closes with zipper.

Drawstring bag, trimmed with gingham. Click to go to Etsy shop.
The drawstring bag is topped with a sunny gingham and stands 13.5" tall, 10" wide and 3" deep. There is no interfacing in this bag. (The bags I have been constructing are soft sided, and stuff easily into my work tote. I prefer this style of bag personally, so that is what I focused on at the outset).

Small pouch. Click to go to shop.
This too was made from a remnant. As you work up a test pattern, you want to see if the scale and shape will be optimal. I really like this bag shape. It was a favorite style when I posted it on my Instagram feed. It is large enough for a sock project and is fully lined with a zipper closure. The fabric is a kettlecloth, sturdier than quilters cotton, with a more noticeable weave.

Medium project bag. Click to go to shop.
As I was poking around my fabric store last week, I spotted this fabric on a roll and swooned. I had to have it, and I hope to go back and get more. Imagine the fabric of a couch pillow, stiff drape, and a beautiful colorful floral print. Actually, it is more embroidered than printed. This medium project bag is fully lined and has a zipper close. You'll need to spot clean it as the fabric is not washable.

Medium project bag. Click link to shop.
This is another medium sized project bag, fully lined with a zipper closure. The fabric is a decorator fabric of a heavier weight and the print is a woven array of soft blues, yellows and beige. The base will hold a cake of yarn and give you enough space for your shawl or scarf project.

Medium project bag. Click to shop link.
This is the second fabric that I found last week, it left me weak in the knees. I so want to go back and buy all the yardage they have. I had yellowy lighting last night but the fabric is a warm golden hue and the flowers are shades of red/brown, and dark brown. It is the same size as the bag above. It is fully lined and has a zipper closure.

Small box bag.
So, this is the first sale bag! Woohoo! The size is small and it is better used for notions or a yarn cake and one sock. The lining is a bright orange printed with balls of yarn. So cute. Hello Kitty is riding a big wheel trike and there are flames trailing behind! Lined, with seam binding, zipper closure.

Small box bag.
I love birds and the print on this quilter's weight cotton was so endearing that I knew I had to have it, the lining is royal blue with stars. Again, a small bag, great for notions, makeup or a small knitting project.

I am working on other bags and I will be on the look out for prints that appeal to me. I look forward to hearing your feedback on the shapes of the bags and the fabrics. I expect I will be able to do custom orders if the fabric is in stock, so let me know if you see a bag and a print you'd like combined. I will be adding stitch markers and some knitted items in the coming weeks. The knitted items will be for those friends who aren't apt to sit and knit all day, like we do....

Please, leave me a comment and know that I will be adding bags weekly.


P. Taylor said…
I adore the bags of houses! What a great idea.
Lovely bags. I really like your fabric choices. I'm almost glad you don't sell outside the US because I would be tempted by too many! Good luck with this new adventure.
elns said…
Great bags! I love the one with the birds, and I'm not even a hipster! I'm a huge fan of the box bag style in general and I love ones that I can stick a shawl in and run to work with. I'm glad you took the leap. I will definitely be back to see what you're offering. Be sure to keep a link available on your blog!

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