Franklin Habit is coming to Common Cod Fiber Guild!

Franklin Habit
In July, on the weekend of the 11-13, Common Cod Fiber Guild is excited to welcome Franklin Habit to speak and teach! Franklin will be teaching four classes, with each class capped at twenty. There are still seats available, but they are going quickly. Go to the Common Cod Event Brite page to sign up for classes, each class will be priced at $80, $75 for Guild Members. Please be sure to read the class description carefully, as Franklin has a list of materials you are expected to bring with you for each class. Come prepared!!
Chatting with Franklin at Squam Lake Arts Festival, June 2013
 Friday, July 11
7-9 PM Franklin will speak to the Guild, topic to be announced soon

Mrs. Roosevelt's Mittens, Knitty 2009
Saturday, July 12
10 AM-1 PM Working with Antique and Vintage Patterns
Do you read Knitty, the free, online magazine? If you do, you may have read Franklin's Stitches in Time feature of antique patterns that he has decoded and translated into working formats for today's knitters. This class help you to navigate the language and tools to create your own nostaglic handiwork.
(As of Sunday, April 6, there are 10 tickets available for this class).

Princess Franklin cowl, free Knitty pattern
2-5 PM Knitted Plaid
Go have a look at this, Princess Franklin, a free pattern, designed by Franklin. In the class the topics discussed will include selecting colors, and the technique of making a knitted plaid cowl that can be further accented by colors of your family or school.
(As of Sunday, April 6, there are 11 tickets available for this class).

Image imported from
10 AM- 1 PM Photographing Your Fiber
This very popular class will help you to create the best conditions to capture the beauty and color of your yarn and finished projects.You will learn the basics of lighting, color and composition along with styling tips and making a simple light box.
(As of Sunday, April 6, there are 9 tickets available for this class).

Scrolls by Alice Starmore, large example of tessellations.
2-5 PM Knitting Tessellations 
Perhaps you are interested in Knitting Tessellations? Wait, you say, wait just a second.... what do you mean tessellation? I  Googled images of knitted tessellations, go have a look around. A tessellation is a repeated shape that is connected, think Escher but in fiber. Franklin will teach you about the technique and get you started on your own journey into creating a unique piece.
(As of Sunday, April 6, there are 9 tickets available for this class).

We are so pleased to have Franklin come to speak and to teach. If you aren't a follower of his blog, go to The Panopticon to read his humorous views on knitting and the fiber community. And be sure to sign up for a class soon! Bring a friend!


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