A pile o' WIPs and UFOs

 If you knit or craft, you probably see many things you'd like to make on a daily basis, am I right? Unless you knit like the wind, or Stephanie Pearl McPhee, you need a strategy. I have so many things on the needles right now, and of course, there are just as many new patterns that I am aching to cast on. It doesn't help that I feel the pressure to lighten the load of stash I have built up. Would you care to hear my current plan to cast off the malingerers and get underway with all of the new stuff? Here goes....
  1. Put all of your projects in one place and make a list, maybe in a notebook, or on your tablet. (I prefer large art paper and large script). I find it helpful to put the items that are near to being finished at the top of this list. On the list I have the name of the pattern and the percentage of completion. You could order your list differently, perhaps there is one thing you are anxious to gift or start wearing? Put that one on top.
  2. The pile o' WIPs and UFOs might be culled. Ask yourself if you truly want to continue on with the project. It might be so old that you could unwind the yarn for something in the future. Don't be afraid to frog or rip out if you don't love the pattern or progress so far. No one will judge you, I promise.
  3. Put the list in a spot where you can view it easily each day. I have a bulletin board near my knitting spot, as I knit I look at the list and it actually inspires me to stay focused on these projects.
  4. Consider putting your viewing of patterns and knitting magazines on a short hiatus. Each day I normally look at "Hot Right Now", Ravelry's Top Twenty Patterns. This does not help the "Wanna cast on all the things" fever. So I commit to no viewing, but for one day a week. (I can't lie to you....)
  5. Suggest to your knitting group that they join you in finishing up lingering projects. There is strength and encouragement in numbers. If you don't have a knitting group see #5.
  6. Join Ravelry's One Day a Week For UFOs group. The members post their progress and conversations can be encouraging, you get what you give. If you post comments, you'll probably hear cheering-on from others.
  7. I have dedicated Sunday and Thursday as my "Knit on the Malingerers" days. I might work on just one project, or I might knit for an hour each on a number of them. I do try to work on one that is mostly finished to help with fostering the gratification of completion. 
  8. I block groups of things at one time, so I count it as completed when I weave in all of my ends. Another way to feel pride in completing another knitting project.
Here is my list of UFOs and WIPs:

Spate by Jane Richmond
Spate Mitts, pattern in the book Journey by Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook
Yarn: Elderberry Yarns Aran (gifted to me at the Maine Knitting Pipeline Retreat by JuniperGrace) on size 6 and 7 needles

Stockholm by knittedblisjc
Stockholm, by knittedblissjc
Yarn: Madelinetosh Vintage Amber Trinket on size 8 needles

Wholehearted, Erika Flory
Wholehearted, by Erika Flory
Yarn: Yarns on Stage, Sweet Pea and Happy Feet on size 6 needles

Antrorse by Shannon Cook
 Antrorse, by Shannon Cook, in the book Journey
Yarn: Louisa Harding Ca d'Oro

Skinny Mitered Scarf by Susan Mills
Skinny Mitered Scarf, by Susan Mills
Yarn: Ellyn Cooper's Yarn Sonnets Oinling on size 8 needles

Noro and Alchemy scarf
Pattern: Improvised by me
Yarn: Alchemy: Yarns of Transformation Juniper and Noro Hotaru on size 10 needles

Thorn by Bristol Ivy
Thorn, by Bristol Ivy This is a Common Cod Fiber Guild KAL project
Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Loft in the Almanac colorway on size 5 needles

Thendara, by Stephen West
Yarn: Swan Island Natural Colors Merino and Indigodragonfly Merino Silk in the  Not Your Average Heart Medication colorway on size 4 needles

Blue Whale by Stephen West
Blue Whale, by Stephen West
Yarn: Sheep Shop Yarn Co., Sheep Feet on size 6 needles

Derry Raglan Sweater by Cecily Glowick MacDonald
Derry Raglan and Cowl, by Cecily Glowick MacDonald
Yarn: Berroco Vintage

So there's my walk of shame, ten projects in projects bags waiting to be finished. Please don't go looking on my Ravelry tab at what is hibernating.... that's a whole 'nother post!
Share with us how you tackle so many projects lying around your craft room, please!

UFO means unfinished object
WIP means a Work in Progress


Richard Rose said…
I tend to work on mine in rotation. My current list includes a trauma teddy (one per week) things I need for restocking my shop (currently hanging towels and baby clothes, a toy, two blankets, a toddler's jacket, a scarf, a cheval set and a handkerchief border (given to me by the organiser of the activities group that I'm part of, to be part of a raffle when it's finished). I have nothing hibernating at the moment although there are about a dozen items that I would like to start.
elns said…
Such a fun post getting to see all your WIPs and reading your strategy. I am with you and despite the semi functioning Ravelry queue and project page, I love nothing more than to list out what I'm working on and what I plan on working on in various notebooks and pads of papers. I of course had to go and favorite the Spate pattern. Loved the pile of project bags. Very similar to a spot under my bedroom window. Happy Knitting!
Cleo said…
Great advice! I list my W.I.P.s on my full-length mirror. Not gonna lie, there's a certain level of satisfaction I get from erasing them from the list. It also keeps me thinking about them everyday and helps me when I'm trying to pick commuter knitting.
Lucy Bowen said…
Your WIPs are gorgeous - hopefully your big list and ravelry group will help get you through them!

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