Project Bags, do you use them? A sale in my Etsy shop!!

Project Bags
If you read my recent post on the many projects I need to finish off, you may have noticed the pile of project bags. How do you tote around your current knitting projects? I used to do a Zip-Lock bag, back in the day. Now I collect bags made by sewers I like, such as  Amy Beth of Fat Squirrel Fiber, Arryn of Bling Your String, Slipped Stitch Studio, Birdleg Bags and Stitched by Jessalu

Projects bags are cool! They hold your knitting, your pattern, and tools. Having a cute bag means you may be more apt to grab it as you head out the door. Do you have a favorite bag? What shape and size do you prefer? Have you tried making any yourself? If you aren't handy or inclined to deviate from the knitting, go and peruse the shops I listed above. Or have a look around my Etsy shop, I will be doing a promotion for the month of June.

Because I enjoy having a bag for my projects, it recently spurred me to try making some myself. I enjoy shopping for fabrics, linings and notions, and I love that I am sewing again! Here is a small selection of what I have made so far. Custom orders are available if I have the the fabric in stock. Some prints are limited, once they are sold, the print is retired.

Louisburg Square 
This bag is great to hold a sock or shawl project, dimensions are 6.5 x 11.5 x 3" It is made of a heavier weight decorator fabric and closes with a zipper. The bag is fully lined.

Louisburg Square Criss Cross $38.00
Louisburg Square Red Dots $38.00
Louisburg Square Green Tie $38.00
Louisburg Square Bags
These bags have same dimensions but are made of cotton. The dancing mom and child print is a quilter's weight, the stripe is a woven cotton. These too are fully lined and close with a zipper.

Louisburg Square Happy $36.00
Louisburg Square Linen Stripe $38.00
Rowes Wharf Bags
These bags are tall and deep, made from quilters weight cotton, fully lined and interfaced for a structured bag that stands open.  The dimensions of the large bags are 12 x 11 x4". The small bags measure 6 x 8.5 x3".

Rowes Wharf, large $38.00
Rowes Wharf, small $20.00
Louisburg Square, large bags
The large bags measure 6 x 11 x 4". They are made of a heavier weight decorator fabric, they are fully lined and close with a zipper.
Louisburg Square, large $42.00
Louisburg Square, large $42.00
Louisburg Square, large $42.00
The bags above are just a small selection of what you'll find at my Etsy shop. I want to offer 20% discount on the bags for the next few weeks. Enter JuneBug in the coupon code box when you checkout. I hope you will enjoy looking, and maybe finding the perfect bag for your WIPs!


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