Phoebe Shawl

Knit One Crochet Too, Elfin Tweed
Knit One Crochet Too Kettle Tweed
Phoebe Swatch of the first 60 rows
So a few days ago, I dangled a couple photos of my yarn in the hopes of shifting the content ever so slightly. If you haven't noticed, I get a tad verbose. In the desire to be succinct but still with the intention to tempt/enable you, I am trying a new format. Let me know what you think.

Pattern: Phoebe Scarf 2046 by Helene Rush. ($6.25 download)
Yarn: Knit One Crochet Too, Kettle Tweed, Elfin Tweed on size 5 needles

My friends from the Maine Knitting Pipeline Retreat met up again in Virginia Beach this past February at a retreat planned by our other Maine knitter, KnitCrit. The quick friendships formed while in Maine have endured, thanks to Ravelry, Twitter and especially Instagram. There were about twenty to thirty women who attended the weekend event, but the four of us stuck together for meals and shopping. We stayed in a lovely beachfront hotel and, on Friday, did our own mini yarn crawl.

There was an official yarn crawl scheduled for Saturday, a visit to the Yarn Club, with promises of a recently stocked order from Madelinetosh! But on Friday, the four of us went out for a drive, some lunch, and we found our way to Knit Wits, Virginia Beach. This is a small shop, but the personal attention of the staff is great. They allowed us to browse before asking if we needed help. I like this approach, I usually get a little jiggy in new shops. I always need a few moments to calm down and think logically, damn yarn fumes. We actually went to Knit Wits twice, the first time finding this shawl pattern knit up and an array of delicious Knit One Crochet Too colorways to choose from. (We went back the next day to get things each of us had tried, and failed, to resist).

In choosing this project, given the many WIPs I am trying to wrangle into submission, I must share that I am thinking about my stash in a different way lately. I'm thinking that instead of trying to destash from the older purchases, I will do the reverse. The yarn was bought with a pattern in mind, so I am starting there. I did buy and download the pattern the day I got the yarn supplies, another good habit to get into. When I was in the hotel that evening I queued the project on my Ravelry page so I would be able to recall what I had planned to make without taxing the memory banks at sometime in the future.

This yarn is so soft, a fingering weight and self striping. I hope I like how it turns out (I don't like pooling......). The pattern is getting easier, there is a rhythm to the stitches and I can tell now where I am (this is notable, I usually have such trouble reading my knitting and figuring out where I am). The body of the shawl is knit first and the contrast edging is knit later.

I share the finished project photo from the Phoebe Scarf 2046 Ravelry page so you have an idea of what it will look like.

Helene Rush pattern
I will look forward to your feedback on the shorter posts, and I promise to share photos of my progress!


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