As the skein turns

Scored these on the WEBS sale last month!
This is the second in my series of giving you a peek into what I am dreaming of knitting next.

Sanibel, a yarn and a cowl. There is a pattern by the same name, a free pattern by Berroco. It is quick, lightweight and easy. The Berroco pattern called for this yarn, but in my past projects, I just used what was in stash. When visiting The Iron Horse yarn shop in Natick with my Common Cod friend Gina, I spotted the cowl knit in the intended yarn and it stayed with me. (BTW, Iron Horse is a yarn shop to put on your bucket list. It is well stocked, nicely organized, plenty of tempting FOs and the owner is charming. They also do an array of classes! I urge you to make your way there and see for yourself!)

I got four skeins of Sanibel on the WEBS May sale. Two of them I used to make the Sanibel cowl. It is so lightweight and makes a nice accent piece in the warmer weather. (Note, I did not say HOT weather??).

I have a number of possible uses for my two sea green skeins of Sanibel. Check back to see what I cast on!


I wen to The Iron Horse a couple years ago on a yarn crawl...I enjoyed the shop..and I have a skein that was dyed for her club..and love it..and still haven't used it.....nice cowl....can't wait to see what you make with the other two..

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