Neutral KAL, shades of cream and grey

Found on Pinterest
This pin has inspired me. I almost always knit with colors, jewel tones, bright and deep. I choose these colors because they make me happy and add an accent to my wardrobe. After looking at this Pin, I pondered... why don't I ever select a grey or a cream or brown? It could showcase the stitch design in a pattern, rather than having the two elements competing with each other. I do love looking at the collections of scarves in this Pin, it creates a calm elegance for me, and a desire to see what I could do with my yarn on hand. Always the push to knit from stash, right?

Natural and cream colors
Brown family
Black yarns
Light greys
Dark greys
I dragged out all of my stash and collected the small number of skeins in cream and grey, fewer than I would have guessed. I am including brown in my challenge to self, watch out I may add navy, I do think of them as neutrals too. But first, I will begin with the cream or natural yarns. Here is the collection.

Using a neutral color allows the stitches to have maximum impact. The patterns you will see below are just a few of the many I have in my Favorites, I tried to post only those that were in the spectrum of neutrals but a few colors snuck in. Please look at the photos with the mindset of how beautiful it will look in a cream or grey or natural color. I have a voluminous number of patterns I would like to knit, patterns with interesting stitches or design elements. Here are just a few. Please add your pattern suggestions to the comments section.
Big Herringbone Cowl, Purl Soho
Linda K's Yummy Mummy Wristwarmers
Scalene by Carina Spencer
Coastal Fog Cowl, Annie Rowden
Cadenza, Terri Cruze
Wavelength, Kate Ray
That Nice Stitch, Susan Ashcroft
Ripon, Rachel Coopey
Epidome, Cecilia Flori
Rippling, a side to side knit, Sarah Punderson
Podcaster Cowl, Susan Ashcroft
Bridesburg, Erika Flory
Rosa, Anne Schultz
Paperbag Princess Toque, Lynette Meek
Goldie, Amanda Lilley
Sister Bay, Paula Emons-Fuessle
Amari, Marie Grace Smith
So, I am a solitary knitter and I have set this challenge for myself, would you care to join me? It would be fun to check in on your knitting and be inspired by the patterns you have chosen to pair with your yarn. I have set up a KAL thread on the East Coast Knitters Ravelry group page and I am looking forward to seeing what you do with a neutral. There will be prizes!


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