Neutrals, with a twist

I've started an Albers Cowl.
Can I start by sharing that I am obsessed with knitting, but more than ever before? And that I have taken the summer off from teaching for the first time in four years, so I have time to spare, more than ever before? And that I am devoted to reducing the stash, so I started this Neutral KAL? (This year the stash grew, more than ever before).

A number of my more distant friends and relatives have contacted me after seeing the flood of recent Instagram and FB posts. They are concerned for my mental health and well-being, and my tan... Why all the knitting they ask? It's summer, save the knitting for cool weather?
Nope, not gonna happen, that is my reply. And maybe, if you have the knitting bug, you will see why....

Garter stitch on size three needles
Pattern: Albers Cowl by Anne Weaver
Yarn: MerinoGold by Grignasco Knits

Here is a photo of the latest project that I have cast on. The yarn is MerinoGold by Grignasco Knitting, an Italian washable wool in a DK weight. WEBS has a good supply of colors and at $5.99 per skein, I urge you to consider trying this yarn. It is soft, round and plump, and the stitch definition, well it kinda takes my breath away when I stop and stare.

This past Wednesday, when I went to WEBS, (for the first time ever....!!!!) I had a list of projects and yarns needed, and I stuck to it. If the Knitting Police come to my house to take evidence pictures of the towering stash, you may understand why I feel compelled to hold back on yarn shopping. (De-stashing and going on a Cold Sheep diet of no expenditures isn't really going all that well, but I have not shared photos of all that has crossed the threshold this month). (For shame). (And for future posts).

MerinoGold by Grignasco Knits
My list included four neutral tones in a DK or sock weight yarn for the Albers Cowl. Believe it or not, (I swear) I don't have much in the DK weight, and none of what I have in the stash was going to work. The theory behind the Albers is to use up sock yarn stash and make a powerful accessory as you sort through and play with vibrant colors. Check out Anne Weaver's project page for examples.

My purchase may prevent me from adding this project to the Neutral KAL, because of the peacock color, but I just couldn't get psyched for the neutrals alone, no punch of color. I cast on last night and I am having trouble putting the needles down; I like this garter stitch pattern that much! I did Google "Picking Up Selvedge Edge Garter Stitches" and followed the video from KnitPicks. I thought I knew how to do it, but for the sake of desiring perfection, you know I just had to check in with an expert.

So, join us if you'd like, at the East Coast Knitters Neutral KAL, either with a project or an open mind as you lurk on the photos and project pages in order to save pattern and yarn ideas for the future. Details on how to join in on the group link.


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