Hopping backwards toward the frog pond, casting on and off...

Quaker Yarn Stretcher Boomerang in Noro Taiyo
I have been preoccupied with life and have neglected the blog, but knitting has been happening...so I will give you the installment plan. I have been traveling by bus each weekend to stay with my parents in Maine. I enjoy visiting, helping with cleaning, cooking, shopping and general company-keeping.  The ride up and back is a little over 2 hours each way, so I have been making progress on things, but taking photos and posting here has not kept up. So sorry...

So my headline says casting on, and off and frogging backwards. This short post is the Casting Off. I love this, Quaker Yarn Stretcher Boomerang, a pattern by Susan Ashcroft. I have made it twice in recent months. It is quick and easy and the end result  is a sculptural shawl that people want to take right off your shoulders!! The Noro Taiyo and solid contrasting green yarns came from my knitting group friend, Lauren. I am always happy to home destashed yarns! If you'll notice, my shawl has a border in a contrasting color; I picked up stitches to add depth and an accent of color. This is a pay for pattern, but I think you will enjoy knitting it and it makes a great gift. Please peruse Susan Ashcroft/Stitchnerd Design's patterns. She has so many that I want to make!

Pattern: Quaker Yarn Stretcher Boomerang by Susan Ashcroft
Yarn: Noro Taiyo Aran and unknown aran weight green wool on size 8 needles

Tomorrow, I will continue the headline story and let you see what got frogged back. (It was actually three projects, but in each case, the ripping out only went back a few inches... still a pain but it wasn't a situation of starting back at square one).


Very nice..love the colors...

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