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The Common Cod Fiber Guild has invited Natalie LaChall of the Eliot School and Secret Ships to speak at the MIT Stata Arts Center on Friday November 14, 7 PM. Natalie will share her experiences in creating custom printed fabric using simple tools. She will hold a workshop on Saturday at the MIT Tang Center, where students will learn to make their own printed fabrics. Tickets are available until November 9 and can be purchased through the CCFG EventBrite link

Surface Fabric Design
November 15, 10 AM to 2 PM
Cost: $65.00, includes supplies for the class

To quote the Common Cod event page: 

"During this mini surface design course, you will create singular and repeat prints on fabric, both simple and highly detailed. Use contact paper and a silkscreen, freezer paper and an x-acto knife, and more. Your designs can populate unique custom t-shirts, tote bags, quilt squares or fabric yardage.

There will be a 30 minute lunch break at 12 PM; bring your lunch, or there are several sandwich shops nearby!

Maximum: 6 students, your supplies are included in the cost of the workshop.

Refund policy, instructor needs to buy materials for each student in advance so full refunds will be given through Sunday, 11/9, at midnight. Half refunds through Friday, 11/14, at midnight 

Are you curious as to what this process looks like? I am, and I plan to sign up for the class! I love sewing and I might consider custom printed fabrics for the project bags I make. Check back here for more info, or better yet.... join us on Friday night for the lecture and Saturday for the workshop!!


elns said…
How cute! I love the little caravan shop. The patterns and colors of the fabric are beautiful.
Oh my goodness, what a charming little caravan!

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