Car 54 where are you? or A Tale of Two Cities

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 Message from a far flung fiber friend

I have been blessed by a note from Imogen, a far flung Ravelry friend. She is not a person I have met, but I a few years back I fielded her request for LYS to visit in the Boston area. You see, she lives on the other side of the pond, UK side. Her son attends college here and when she visits him, she frequents the shops I suggested. Hello Stitch House and Gather Here!

I got a Ravelry message from her a few weeks back. She was in town visiting, and as she awaited her flight home, she wanted me to know that she missed reading my posts here on the blog. Can you imagine how chuffed I felt, reading those lines and thinking, "Well, at least one person has noticed my silence on this end"?

Thank you friend for resurrecting my writing about knitting. I have been knitting a lot. Here is a slice of the story to explain my silence and absence.

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Living a double life.

By weekday, I arise in my little home in the city, and trundle off to my job as a teacher of adult men with intensive special need at the high school in my town. I work as diligently as my patience will allow, I attend meetings, write reports, teach skills of communication and self help; at 2 PM I head home to knit and think and watch Netflix. I usually have only one daughter at home, so meals are simple and light. Knitting and Netflix watching continues until my eyes say, done. Then I trundle off to sleep. Next day, repeat.

On Fridays, oh the joy of Fridays, I watch the hands of the clock moving towards 3 PM as I await the bus ride north. Two hours of uninterrupted knitting, with a movie or an Audible book to pass the time. Upon arriving in Portland, I become a daughter, visiting parents who appreciate the help I give with shopping, laundry, light housekeeping and general socializing. My folks are now in their eighth decade of life and each day is a gift.

Ok, I know that sounds philosophical and silly, but I have arrived at a point in my life where I can see the value in our upbringing, the treasure of a loving set of siblings, and rewards of having parents who were strict, and indulgent when needed. I love being able to pay back the care they took in raising the six of us. Plus, as I say to my dad when he expresses feeling guilty of taking me away from my "life".... I can sit and knit and watch Netflix in their company, rather than sitting solitary with only the fur babies for company back in the city.

Being back in Maine, my home state, where they say this is how life should be, you'll find me smiling more broadly and breathing more deeply. I do love the cooler temps here and the fact that their snow stays on the ground, unblemished by the smog and car exhaust.  Plus, I can visit Knit Wit and be inspired by their many, many shop samples. I encourage you to join their FB page for updates and photos of new stock and products. I will embellish on my visits and WIPs inspired by their staff in a later post....

So, I am now aboard the DownEaster, heading north. It's a spacious seat with beautiful views for a 2.5 hour ride. I like having more elbow room and an empty seat beside me... plus the WIFI signal is so much stronger! 

Tomorrow and the next day I have plans for more info to be shared.  I hope that I can use the sunlight to update my WIPs and FOs to have more photos for the next post.   Many thanks to Imogen for being a muse with a gentle nudge back to the keyboard.


Inky077 said…
I love that you are back at the keyboard! We missed you! Am anxious to see what your commuting time with fiber and family brings :)

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