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504 King West
This is 504 King West, a Christmas gift for my oldest girl, half a world away, living by the sea, the tropical sea. The Done Roving Frolicking Feet DK gradient sang to me in the Knit Wit Yarn shop, siren song of the sea. The colors were so beautiful, the cake was so enticing, my will, (as always when in a yarn shop) was so weak. I snapped it up and headed to my mum's with the intention of making East Ender, a shawl. Knitting away into the evening, it soon became clear that given the yardage, a shawlette was what I was going to end up with. I marveled at the stitch definition and color a bit, and then ripped it out. The next day, I went to Ravelry, in search of a pattern; I ended up with this pattern from Knit Cafe in Toronto.

Porter, sporting a jaunty 504 King West
504 King West is an asymmetrical garter stitch shawl, named after a street car that passes the Knit Cafe in Toronto. Last summer there was a TTC Knitalong, click link to read more. This shawl was designed for the event and features an easy pattern for those who knit while they commute. It is also a nice knit for times when you have talkative company and want to knit without needing to tink back to a blooper later. The project page suggests selecting two main colors for the body and three mini skeins for the accent edging. I had a cake of gradient yarn and imagined it could look lovely, so cast on I did. The knitting moved along quickly and I enjoyed the rhythm of the knit. When finished, I steam blocked it in order to package it up and get it off to Honolulu in time for Christmas. Here is an array of photos.

Pattern: 504 King West, pattern from The Knit Cafe Toronto
Yarn: Done Roving Frolicking Feet DK in the Quoddy Bay colorway, Malabrigo Silky Merino and Dirty Water Dyeworks on size 8 needles.
When I saw the different samples of this scarf on the Knit Cafe pattern page, I was smitten. I love thinking about color study and I believe I will make this pattern numerous times to play with hues in stash. It is an easy knit and the only challenging part for me was picking up the border edge stitches.

My daughter loves the scarf and may be only able to wear it as a shoulder wrap on cool evenings in Hawaii, but she and her boyfriend both remarked at how like the sea the colors were. It was all in the plan baby.... White sand, golden sunsets, and the many hues of the ocean, east coast or west.

So, as I was prepping to do this post, I found my way back to the Knit Cafe pattern page on Ravelry and found this which had to be cast on immediately. I had the yarn I needed, bought on a roadtrip to WEBS with my friend Gina. I may also tie in some Shibui that has been waiting to become something special. Take a look at Clouds.

Pattern: Clouds by The Knit Cafe Toronto
Yarn: S. Charles Collezionne Ritratto, Grignasco Kid Seta, Shibui Knits Staccato in UV colorway

Clouds, another pattern from The Knit Cafe, Toronto
I must admit that I had a bit of a challenge at first with the thin fiber and larger needles but it has gotten easier. I will go a bit further with the Ritratto and then start with the Kid Seta mohair. The pattern suggests a strategy for the color striping that I will probably follow.

I also located a simple garter stitch fingerless mitts pattern that my sisters have been waiting on, so I may have yet another project jumping onto needles before the week is out.

Easy Peasy Garter Stitch Arm Warmers


Lucy Bowen said…
The shawl is splendid, I love the colours.

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