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I have had so much time away from the blog and from telling you of yarns acquired and patterns discovered. I don't think I want to scroll back in time and start from where I left off, so I am going to share some highlights of things I have knit. Here are two versions of one pattern.

Susan Ashcroft, Quaker Yarn Stretcher Boomerang
Susan Ashcroft's Quaker Yarn Stretcher Boomerang
Stitch Nerd Designs, by Susan Ashcroft is one of the places I go to when searching for a new project. I like her design esthetic and color sense. So many of her patterns are in my Queue and Favorites.  Have you ever knit a Stitch Nerd design?

Neutral Quaker yarn Stretcher, Boomerang 
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Rustic This aran weight yarn is comprised of 79% wool and 21% linen. It has such a soft hand and lustrous shine. I got it in a destash from a Knitting Group friend, Becky.    I used  two skeins and size 10.5 needles. This project was part of the East Coast Knitters Neutral KAL, where we selected a neutral color and a pattern that made the stitches pop. As I knit on this project, I realized how much I loved knitting with this yarn and went a-sleuthing on Ravelry to buy more from the stash of others.

Lauren's Destash Quaker Ridge
Yarn: Noro Taiyo Aran

I used two skeins of the Taiyo and added a border of unlabeled yarn, also from Lauren, that I am guessing might be Malabrigo. I knit it up on size 8 needles. On both shawls, I added a border of color to enlarge the size.  The bright colors are not for the faint of heart, but if you know me at all, you may recall that apple green is one of my go to colors. Again, a relaxing knit, a quick knit and a conversation starter when worn.

This "pay for" pattern is such a soothing and quick knit with low level demands for your attention.  I have made a few since the late summer and I am sure I will make more. It is that satisfying a project, and the sculptural elements of the stitches is hypnotizing. I have had so many compliments whenever I wear them. If you are not familiar with Susan Ashcroft, aka Stitchnerd Designs, I urge you to scroll through her many patterns.


I knit one of these recently and I loved every minute of the knit. I did mine in some Noro Silk Garden Sock that I picked up at a substantial discount. It is beautifully bright.

I only discovered Susan Ashcroft patterns this year and I love their simple elegance. She's great at taking a simple idea and making it interesting and different.
Alicia said…
I've had some of her patterns queued for a while. Their simple textures and shapes are great for handspun yarns, and I intend to make one soon!
robin said…
I have wanted to knit one of these for a while. After reading this post I'm gonna do it! I enjoy reading your blog!

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