Good Morning Thursday!

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Hello friends, it is 5 am and I am wide awake and wondering at the multitude of projects I wish to put my hands to, but alas, work comes first and none of these projects will accept a few rows of knitting without sucking me into that time warp that causes me to be late. I sit here at my table, a bowl of steaming homemade oatmeal, a mug of coffee and music playing, and I marvel at the creative energy pipeline that flows steadily through my thought process. I have been using my Ravelry tools a bit differently. I now have a number of projects queued that I am eager to cast on, but I have made an agreement with my self to finish some of the WIPs I have in a pile of project bags.
Pile 'o projects

Sometimes the stalling point for those WIPs is simply locating another skein of the yarn and making it into a cake. A few projects are set aside because I made an error somewhere and tinking must happen before any progress can get underway. Yes, Thorn, I am talking about you! I have more done than this image shows but I want to finish it in time for Fiber Camp.... ruh-roh, another thing that is keeping me up and awake in the anticipation of fun.... (more in a blog post this week).

Are you at all like me? Are you weak in the face of a new pattern, idea or yarn? Are you prone to trolling the project pages and wishing you knit faster or had the sublime lot in life to be self-sufficient to the point where earnings were not a cause for concern? "All in good time", I hear my mum's voice chime in, "all in good time". "Don't wish your life away". 
My work desk, on a "neat" day.
Let me tell you what happens. I see a pattern, I look at the recommended yarns, I see if my stash holds anything comparable..... and I hit "Queue".  Here a few things that I am so anxious to cast on.....and some may require a visit to Knit Wit (hands rubbing together as I sport a maniacal smirk)!!

Frost Farm Mitts by Talitha Kuomi
Newsworthy Fingerless Mitts by Fiona Oliver
Emergency Hat by Frankie Brown
Bray Hat by Jared Flood
Mind you the images above are in addition to the KAL knitting I have going. Cray cray.....

Link to East Coast Knitters KAL
There are a few KALs that I am playing along with. One is Love Your Library, where you knit from the books or patterns already in your library. Even better is when you can find the yarn in stash, right? I promise to post the book and project  I will be using first on the Love Your Library KAL thread in the East Coast Knitters forum, I just need to stop all the knitting to do so!

Another KAL is one I discovered on Instagram; Topography Kerchief is the pattern and I have one underway, about 10 inches done so far. The concept is to select a yarn which has three colors, one of which has a twelve inch or so length of color. The pattern page has more details if you want to play.

The third KAL is one I need to start a thread for on the Romney Ridge Farm forum page. We are all going to make this.....

Sideways Garter Vest by Purl Soho
So you may be asking, if you are still with me here, is why all the blasted KALs Erin? Well, KALs or Knit Alongs are fun for the community spirit of encouragement and praise, the access to helpers when you get stuck and .... prizes. We always have prizes at the East Coast Knitters KALs, projects bags, stitch markers, patterns. Why not knit along on a pattern with others? It is fun, trust me!


Cynthia Willard said…
Love the concept of KALs but the logistics of having to knit a particular item on a schedule seem to be the hiccup in my plan.
I totally get the problem with project bags. And that you cannot see the contents.
Kim Bridgeo said…
Taking the T into Boston during the winter months is brutal! I'm always drawn to people's scarves, hats, etc. and taking mental notes on the patterns I see to design my next project! Too many ideas, not enough hands...
Alicia said…
That Bray hat is especially lovely! I'm not fantastic at sticking with KALs, but I'm totally susceptible to starting them, which is part of why I have so many projects! Trying to resist this year...

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