Making Monday

It is a holiday here, Martin Luther King Day to be exact. I am aboard the Downeaster, heading back to Boston after a long weekend spent with my family. I do so love riding the train, that plaintive whistle the roll and jostle of the train as we speed along through snowy woods, the fact that I am sitting here with no distractions and I can get some work done... all good.

Making Monday was a meme that I used to follow and participate in a while back. I am not sure if it still active, but I am going to share with you that things that are going on in my Making World.

I am torn as I pack, not so much by which outfits and shoes to bring, but more so which projects and needles and extra yarn and such. Are you like this? When I packed last Friday morning I had stuffed so many ambitions to complete, projects that is. I left most of those bags at my mum and dad's and hope to be getting more WIPs and UFOs done in Boston as they (the project bags) wait for me to return. I have decided that rather than schlep multiple projects back and forth, I am going to leave the more motivating ones in Maine, that way I can focus on getting other things at the home base finished up and then enjoy the more fun projects on the weekends. Oh the crazy thoughts that filter through my knitter's mind. Hmmmm, are we all wired in this way? Please tell me I am not alone!

Currently I am working on my Thorn which needs to be finished by the time we have Fiber Camp in March. I was stuck with the wrong number of stitches and a dangling lifeline that had missed numerous stitches, I couldn't just rip back, I had to delicately tink back. Imagine my happiness when I puled it out and discovered that I was at the lifeline row. I had only to orient the stitches as I counted them and begin again. I have only one more section of the flaring rib design before I can pick up the babillion border stitches. Once that is achieved, it is just knityknitknit until is is time to cast off. AKA mindless knitting. That is good for when I sit and watch a movie or Downton with my parents and I can pay more attention to the TV than my needles.

Thorn, photo by Jared Flood
Alas, no photo, the project is in Maine and I took no photos. Next week.
Pattern: Thorn by Bristol Ivy
Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Loft in the Almanac colorway on size 4 needles

Bristol Ivy at Fiber Camp 2014
I cast this on last year after meeting Bristol Ivy at Fiber Camp. She was wearing this shawl, and so many of us in the Guild swooned over it and decided to do a KAL. We have been advancing the finish date, but we have all agreed to try and have them done for the Friday night Common Cod "Share". The patternis interesting in the mathematical way the columns spread wider and wider. I must share that I used lifelines between each section and it saved me. (Before figuring that out I ripped back and started again at least four or five times). I have to tell you too, that this fiber is the one recommended in the pattern and it has such an interesting construction. It is a bit sticky and i think that will make wearing the asymmetrical shawl easier, though a shawl pin will come in handy too.

Another item I have committed to making is the Purl Bee Sideways Garter Vest. Have you seen this free pattern? It looks so rich and you know that garter stitch is captivating for me right? I test knit a swatch using some of the Romney Ridge Farm  Downeast yarn. Here is my swatch. I used size 8 needles and got 19 stitches over four inches. I still need to do the math to calculate how much yarn you will need to order, but the KAL is up. Check this link if you are interested in joining. There will be prizes!! We have not yet decided on an end date, we may give it 6-8 weeks for those of you that want to join us! It looks like it will be so cozy and classic looking.
Swatch for Sideways Garter Vest

Topography Kerchief
Pattern: Topography Kerchief by Melissa Stadja
Yarn: Lana Grossa Fantasy in colorway 4770 and Lion Brand Sock-Ease in Circus Peanut colorway on size 5 needles.
I found this KAL on my Instagram feed. I am not saying my yarn is the best match for this knitting concept, but I do love the colors. I have added the orange in to extend the size to make it larger than a kerchief, so I am not following the pattern directions precisely. I still love how it looks.

Here you can see the edge I will seam later, I knit the garter section flat.
I changed the moss stitch a bit.
Stella's Hat
Pattern: Stella's Hat by Melissa LaBarre
Yarn: Valley Yarns Amerst in the soft brown colorway on size 8 needles.
I do love this hat. I have made two and both were hijacked by admirers. It is easy enough to make and pretty quick, aran weight yarn on size 8 needles? Speedy. It had become my train knitting. There is an easy rhythm to making it. Sleepy easy.

I still have an hour to knit, imagine how much more there will be to show you once i get home.
Tell me, what you are fascinated to knit these wintery days?


elns said…
I'm so jealous! You have so many wonderful things on the needles. That Thorn is going to be beautiful. I love the Purlbee vest too! Someday ...

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