Welcome 2015, Happy New Year!

A pile o' FOs

Another pile o' FOs

A clutch of finished hats
Ok, ok, I will come clean and share the truth with you. These are FOs from my past. Some of them I gifted, others are worn with love, even others visited the frog pond and evolved into something new. Why am I showing you these finished objects? For the inspiration factor, I hope. I found a blogger who has a challenge for those of us that knit and like to knit along with a group.

Snapdragon's KAL challenge for 2015
Emily of the Snapdragon Crafts blog is doing this KAL for the third year in a row. It is simple. She challenges you to knit, sew or craft from the patterns and books in your library and then share the results! I am joining in and have donated a KnittinginBeantown bag and stitch markers for prizes. Join us and see the insides of those books sitting on the shelf! There will be a thread in the Stash Knit Down Ravelry forum group and I plan to have one on the East Coast Knitters group. You can post your FOs in both groups for a double chance at prizes.

Top contenders from the library shelf

There are no hard and fast rules other than to try to use your resources. Emily writes that she will focus on small toys and shares the three books she will draw from. I, on the other hand, am so easily distracted that I will give myself a wider berth and draw on my Ravelry library and these books. I am even thinking it might be interesting to add cookbooks to my list of resources, I so rarely use actual books when I am cooking now that the internet and Pinterest have so many offerings.


Oooh, I'm glad to know the Love Your Library KAL is on again! I just noticed it on someone else's blog last week and thought it was a great idea. Hoping to use some of the "library stash" this year and help me decide if I really need those books to take up the space on my shelves.
Boston Knitter said…
Sounds like a great idea! Once again I'm trying to cold sheep for the new year. And since I have so much sock yarn and so many sock books, it's a natural pairing and hopefully I'll free up some space in the yarn closet.

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