What's on my lap? AKA What's OTN

The Rikke Hat, coordinates with my phone case!
It is usually.... "What's on the needles?", but since I have a short attention span (and many things on the needles), I have renamed this "What's on my lap", a little meme for my prodigious self. Note that I do not willingly admit to having Knitter's ADD? I follow knitter/designer Jill Wolcott on Instagram,  she often does a snap shot of what she has on her lap and it inspired me. Another thing she does, I want to share with you in a later post. Jill creates worksheets for getting your projects in order. More on that later....

Pattern: The Rikke Hat by Sarah Young
Yarn: Tigger's Teddies by Jocelyn Ann Sertich, Gilroy CA (This yarn is not in the Rav database).
I have made this hat a few times and it always get grabbed up and I gift it away. It fits so comfortably and it features the yarn so well. I knit it flat so that I can skip purling and then I seam it up later. I know some folks knit it as the pattern is written, knit one row, purl one row, or knit in a short row kind of style where you wrap and turn in order to knit only. I slip the first stitch in order to make seaming easier and more neat.


Lovely yarn....I, too, have too many things on the needles for the OTN...I like your idea...
Amanda Lilley said…
I have been wanting to knit this hat! Great color choice. Now, to find more time to knit. .

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