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504 King West
Hello friends, I have been remiss in putting up blog posts, mostly due to extreme demands on my time in the work place. I have been using knitting as my method of re-establishing calm and relaxation, don't you worry. This means I have finished stuff and I want to share with you. to enable you. to encourage you. to have you ry some of the projects I have been loving lately.

Finished Objects

Pattern: 504 King West by The Knit Cafe Toronto
Yarn: Schopell-Woole Zauberball in the Brick colorway, Cascade Yarns Heritage and unknown Dirty Water Dyeworks mini skein on size 5 needles.

This is my second 504 King West, the first one was a Christmas gift for Kaela in Hawaii.  I love the shape and length of the pattern. I also love opportunity to employ the border-edge renegade colors.
I am not sure I love the color striping of the Zauberball; someday this may evolve into some other accessory if it bugs me enough. (I did warn you I am a crazy knitter, right? I rip stuff out if I don't absolutely love how it turned out).
The pattern popped up during a search and it has made me a fan of the Knit Cafe Toronto, enough that someday I want to road trip it to Toronto.  Their blog, their patterns and their sense of design esthetic make me smile, and Toronto....dude, they have so many yarn shops there!
This pattern was designed for a yarn crawl, it was meant to be knit on the transit bus for the 504 King West route. I did love knitting this pattern, and wearing it is so easy. You may love this pattern to stash-bust and for the opportunity to combine contrasting and complimentary colors!

Antrorse has been lingering on the needles for over a year!

Pattern: Antrorse by Shannon Cook
Yarn: Louisa Harding Ca' d'Oro in 08 Dark Blue on size 8, 10 needles.
I first saw this at the Knitting Pipeline Maine Retreat in November of 2013. My new friend Grace aka Juniper Grace Tube podcaster, was wearing it and telling us tales of her knit group friends Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook.
Grace had their new book Journey with her and I fell in love with all of the projects. As much as Grace inspired me to cast on this sweater, it sort of sat and got no love at the initial casting on. It sat in a project bag and was worked on sporadically. Until recently, I have not been putting much effort into bigger projects. Sweaters just take me such a longggg time to finish. This one was nearly done, I just needed to do the sleeves. "Just the sleeves", said in the same tone as "A piece o'cake". But, it was hard for me. I ripped out a few times. The increases weren't symmetrical, the gauge was too tight, the knitting in a cylinder was so slow for me. But, now it is done and it is sooo cozy and I love it. This sweater is equal to wearing a jacket however, so my chance of wearing it now will be limited, unless the cold temps persist.

Pattern: Thorn by Bristol Ivy
Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Loft in the Almanac colorway on size 4 needles.
This is another lingering UFO. Originally, I cast on right after the Fiber Camp fashion show last year. Bristol had a number of items in the fashion show and she was wearing her Thorn. Many of the Common Cod Guild members fell in love with this shawl, and we had a KAL that wrapped up at the Fiber Camp 2015 event.
I loved the yarn, though it is a bit fragile if you tug too hard, and the pattern is such a fun mathematical journey. I got stuck at the final section with the intimidating aspect of picking up the edge stitches and knitting the 600+ stitch border. It really was not bad, my strategy was to divide the section to be picked up into sections with stitch markers, I believe I had sections of 32 stitches which made picking up more even and less difficult. the knitting of the border, once picked up was a breeze. I had it blocked and ready for the Fiber Camp 2015 fashion show, but ended up leaving it at home. I had so many other things to bring along, and I forgot Thorn. =/ I must admit to blocking it rather severely to get the scale of shawl that matched the schematic. Thank God for blocking wires!
I do intend to make this gain, I will look for a yarn that has more drape. I enjoyed the end result that much!

Fiber Camp Swap Table Felted Bag, before felting.
Fiber Camp Swap Table Felted bag
Pattern: Angela's Fabulous Felted Bag by Angela Roberge
Yarn: Reynold's Lopi in blue and red from the Fiber Camp Swap Tables. Knit on size 11 needles.
The yarn was so tempting,  I resisted collecting more than the four skeins because space in my luggage was limited. Otherwise, I would have been a true wool-pig and taken the ten skeins that sat there! (The past year or so has been a time of rescuing de-stashed yarns and giving them a chance to bcoem something fun and wonderful. You would think I didn't have the embarrassingly hige stash that I do have, right).
This pattern has been in my queue for years! I decided to do a felting project, well, just because it has been a while since I did one and I wanted to use up as much of the yarn as possible. It was a quick knit and the felting part is always fun, you never really know how it will turn out till it's done. The scale is large and will hold my MacBook and a few knitting projects... but the handles may need some reinforcing to bear up under the weight of all that stuff. I will look for some denim or leather and create a horizontal band of reinforcement at the top surrounding the handle openings.
This was a fun knit and would be a great gift or the repository for more knitting projects and stashed balls of yarn!


Karen Gareis said…
You go, Erin! What an impressive collection of FOs; you're inspiring me!
Ginx Craft said…
I am always impressed by so many really big projects. I love the felted bag best of all.
I actually really like how that Zauberball striped there! Beautiful.

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