FOs, things off the needles. (Did you know I love cake?) Fiber Camp knitting

Bands of color
Magic Cake Ruffle Shawl
This pattern is one of my go-to, TV knitting type projects because it is so easy to follow. I don't often have a cake made up, but once I make one, the urge to knit is strong, it is such fun to watch the colors unfold. Adding garter to the field of stockinette stitches gives the colors even more punch. The splashes of color are one of my favorite things about this particular shawl, my other fav is the way the ruffle came out.

Two Cakes, Magic Cake class at Fiber Camp 2015
I learned about the concept of making a Magic Cake in 2014 at the Knitting Pipeline Retreat in Maine. Paula Emons-Fuessle, the host of the KnittingPipeline podcast and author of many patterns, brought this concept to us with many lengths of leftover sock yarn. She shared the idea of selecting colors to make a unique project with remnants. There are full explanations in the Magic Cake Shawl pattern, down to how to weigh your yarn and tie the Magic Knot that can be trimmed close (thus avoiding weaving in many ends). Below is a photo of a Magic Cake from Paula's pattern page. The cool thing in knitting from a Magic Cake is the anticipation of which color will pop out next. It creates incentive to keep going.

Magic Cake, image imported from PrairiePiper's pattern page.
Pattern: Magic Cake Ruffle Shawl by Paula Emons-Fuessle
Yarn: All this handspun yarn was picked up off of the SPA Swap table. I used size 7 needles.

Do you know about me and rescuing cast off skeins and remnants? Do you know that I view them like rescue pets that just need a little understanding and love to come to their full potential. I don't know why, but when a friend in my knit group de-stashes, or I go to an event with a Swap Table of yarn-y goods, I look upon these wools with a kind eye and I feel the challenge to help them become something to love.
When I was at SPA, I hovered over the Swap Table a number of times. You see, each time I passed, more stuff had been dropped off. Somehow I lucked out and collected all of this wool that someone had spun and perhaps dyed. I bought quite a bit of yarn on this excursion to Freeport and the concept of making it into a Magic Cake didn't dawn on me until I was prepping for a class I planned to teach at Fiber Camp. I pulled the bag of Swap finds out and realized I had the makings of something unique. I have posted photos in the SPA/NETA FB group in the hopes the donor might see what has become of the wool they de-stashed. I know the colors are bold and to some, a bit jarring. But, that is how I roll.

Close up of the handspun fibers
The color make up of my cake pretty much followed the quantities of color I had. This wool was beautiful to knit with and created such great stitch definition. I wish you could see the deep purple hue, I had trouble capturing its richness.

Fiber Camp class, Making Magic Cakes
I taught my first class at Fiber Camp. I brought in my Magic Cake Shawls, my two cakes and handouts. Sheeri loaned me the scale and I had my ball winder and sift available for anyone that wanted to use it. I had a group of about six and many had leftover yarns or things from the swap tables. We worked together to sort and arrange the colors of yarn and then practice the Magic Knot. It was such fun to share the idea of using up scraps and creating a colorful and unique design.

800 stitches in this ruffle edge
This is a shot of the finished shawl. The ruffle is a bit flooffy for me, but I still love how it turned out. I haven't yet blocked it and I am not sure I will, I like how springy it is.

Ode to Kristen Nicholas

Do you know of Kristin Nicholas? She lives in Western MA and has just recently released Crafting a Colorful Home, a book on decorating. Kristin is known for using vibrant and saturated colors, her interiors are rich and beautiful. The palette of colors in this shawl are much like the colors Kristin uses in her home and in her embroidery designs.

My Fiber Camp knitting
This shot was taken at the Fiber Camp fashion show. The scarf on the right is my Brickless, on the left if the SPA Magic Cake Ruffle Shawl. I hope you will consider trying out this concept of creating a Magic Cake. If you want any input from me, my Ravelry name is 19vesperstreet, I would love to chime in with help and ideas. Just PM me!


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