It's Wednesday. What's on the needles?

Fiber Camp Magic Ruffle Shawl
It's Wednesday, typically I post about the WIPs, Works in Progress, on this day. Since I have been away from blogging consistently there are a number of things I have been working on. Here are three projects.
These leftovers became a Magic Cake.

Pattern: Magic Cake Ruffle Shawl by Paula Emons-Fuessle
Yarn: Happy Feet, Araucania, Shibui, Cascade, various sock yarns on size 7 needles.
I taught a Magic Cake class at Fiber Camp this year. In preparation for my class, I made two Magic Cakes. This one is from all of my remnants. I love the combination of olive and purple and so that is the color story I started with, I added a few punches of saturated hues of orange and blue to make it interesting. If you have never made a Magic Cake before, I will post about this tomorrow, but the fun ting about knitting from aMagic Cake is that once it is wound up, you have to keep knitting to see which color is next. This speeds up the process of the making, at least it does for me! I used the pattern Paula created a few years ago, it contains all that you ned to know to make the Magic Cake and the shawl. It is such a great way to use up leftovers.

Neptune Turtleneck

Pattern: Neptune Turtleneck, Tang by Wendy Bernard
Yarn: Kerry Woolen Mills Aran Yarn on size 7 and 8 needles
I started this project as the winter snowstorm Neptune was approaching. Since I not a monogamous knitter by any stretch, I challenged myself to work on this one project for the duration of the storm. I wanted to stash bust and went to my bag of sweater quantity yarns and chose this wool. The yarn is from Ireland, I got it in a swap a few years ago. At 365 yards, it is a large put up and the knitting is smooth. The wool feels a little rustic but I like that type of yarn.
I got quite a bit done thanks to the aran weight yarn and larger needles, but as always, I stalled when I got to the sleeves. Knitting narrow tubes is not fun to me, perhaps this is why a I have resisted making socks up until now?

Highland Handmades Black Ash Worsted
Pattern: Handbrake by Kay F. Jones
Yarn: Highland Handmaids Black Ash Worsted in the Spiced Pumpkin colorway on size 7 needles.
This pattern was an impulse purchase, influenced by an Instagram photo. The cowl was designed by one of the podcasters of Bakery Bears and the proceeds will go towards cancer research. The intention during the design process was to create something men or women could wear that would be an easy knit. I love cowls and the small purl bump leaning diagonally appealed to me, so I PayPal'ed my way into another project! The pattern has links to a tutorial and a podcast and was only $1.53, (dollars converted from pounds.....) It is a simple and quick knit.
The Highland Handmades yarn is so soft, and the color flows from shades or saturation. It looks like butterscotch candy in color. I ordered the yarn quite some time ago, and when I was at SPA, I got to meet Heather and her husband Boothbait, aka Paul. It always makes me nervous to actually meet people I only know online. I am not sure why, but I go fan girl and get tongue tied and stammer and feel like a fool. Heather and Paul were so welcoming and sweet at SPA. I plan to write more about the wool piggery that happened in their booth later this week!

So, there are other projects lingering near my chair, but the above saw more hand work and made the cut to be featured. I hope the patterns and yarns inspire and enable you! Happy Wednesday!


Amy Putkonen said…
Hi Erin,

I found your link on the comments for the Knitting & Crocheting Blog Week challenge. Fun stuff. Love that pumpkin yarn. Delish!

Are you doing the Knitting & Crocheting Blog Week Challenge? It looks like you do a Wednesdays on the needles. That sounds fun. I also do a Friday challenge called #whatareyouworkingon - named after the hashtag. hee. We also have a FB board of same name. Hope you will stop by and say hello. Would love to also play along with your Wed needles challenge!

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