Looking back at events, queued patterns, wool piggery and happy times.

Knitting Nirvana, I'm happiest when in the company of knitting friends.
This photo was taken by Sarah and is from our one day trip to Squam years back. I went with the women in my Charlestown knitting group. The day was like a rave, a drug induced, feel so very happy, can't wipe that smile off my face kind of a day. Days like this and memories of the time spent with other creative people are what fuel my creative energies and make me wonder about my normal, loner-method of living. I have such fun when with my friends who love yarn, and knitting, and who aren't afraid to testify that life would be incomplete without needles, an unreasonable amount of stash, and piles of projects cluttering up the abode.

I have been negligent in sharing these moments of joy, fun and greedy hands over the past few months. I have not seen many of my knitting buddies, I have not visited my favorite LYS. But I have gone to a few events that I want to share. I have so much to catch you up on. As you can see in yesterday's posts, the needles have been busy and the projects completed have been many. I will continue to put up the projects with my notes but I do want to acknowledge some of the things people and places that have resonated with me since the year began.

I went to Ignite Craft Boston in January, SPA in February, Fiber Camp in March and I miss the company of my friends when we don't have an planned event or weekend in the works. I have been asked to share some of my purchases, pattern finds and general impressions of these events. I hope what I have will encourage you to join us in the months to come. The first post is about Ignite Craft Boston 2015.

As a member of the Common Cod Fiber Guild, I am also on the board, and the women there have met have made an impression on me in my creativity and in my actually getting out there with real vs. virtual people. These women give me a reason to get out and go to events like the ones I mentioned above. Thank you to Karen, Gina, Sheeri and Amanda. You have made my life as a knitter a happier thing. (Imagine?)

Our guild meets on the first Friday, every other month, for a speaker and sometimes for weekend classes. In January we sponsored Ignite Craft Boston. Ignite is something you need to bookmark for next year, you need to be there! We invite people to submit their topic and when approved, they hone their presentation down to a five minute description of a craft they want to share. The presentation is accompanied by a twenty slide Powerpoint that advances as they speak. If you go to the Ignite page by clinking on the links below, the videos are now up on the speakers who presented this past January.

Here are links to the other presenters and their videos:
The Healing Power Of Craft by Joanna Weston
Putting The Craft In Craft Brew by Will Lefevers
The Many Ways To Quilt Of A Sandwich by Alanna Nelson
Spend Wisely, Waste Less, Appreciate More by Sarah-Grace Farrar
What Is A Home Knitting Machine And What Can It Do? by Ann Gibson
Night Photography Around Boston by Jurgen Lobert
Fiber Camp 2015 by Gina Balzano
Powerpoint Karaoke
Balloon Jamming by Sara Krakauer
Tickling Sheep by Kelly Corbett
How Can I Can? by Willa Bandler
I Can't Wait To Play by Michael Ananstasia
Food Biker, Entreprenuer's Toolbox by Seth Diamond
Backyard Bundles by Amy Stein
Lacto-Fermenting: Just Add Salt! by Sheeri Cabral
Please note that below the list of presenters on the Ignite Craft Boston page is a list of presenters with links to their info pages. Please consider viewing these five minute videos. Also, please  consider becoming a presenter for the next Ignite Craft Boston in 2016. Watch the Common Cod page for a link to proposal documents!

Romney Ridge Farm


One of my favorite presenters is Kelly Corbett of the Romney Ridge Farm. Kelly raises sheep on the coast of Maine; she has the wool sheared and processed in the state and she creates the finished yarn in her signature colorways. She posts lovely farm photos daily on her Facebook page of the sheep and chickens and dogs that fill her life. I first met Kelly this summer at SOWA.  I loved the feel and color and smell of her yarns, and bought a few skeins and a felting kit. I encouraged Kelly to check out the Common Cod Guild and mentioned the Ignite event. Can you imagine how happy I was that it all came together and we saw Kelly at the Ignite and Fiber Camp events! Pleas support Kelly by visiting her webpage, liking her Facebook page and looking for her at SOWA in May. She is also going to be at Stitch House to teach a felting class next weekend. I think you will enjoy her genuine personality, her warmth and her stories of being a Maine Made business!

Tomorrow, I will show you the collection of wool piggery that I have amassed from Kelly's collection. Please, please, give some time to exploring the Common Cod page for Ignite Craft Boston 2015, and watch some of the videos. Share in the comments if there is one you think other readers shouldn't miss!


Wool piggery made me snort....I have some Romney Ridge yarn, I think...I have much piggery....
Karen Gareis said…
I love the description of the Squam Day as being like a rave -- I know that feeling!

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