Romney Ridge Farm, Kelly Corbett

Romney Ridge Farm is located about two and a quarter hours north of Boston in Woolwich, Maine. Kelly is a Maine Made business owner, her sheep are raised and sheared at her farm, the wool is processed, and spun in Maine and the dyes Kelly uses are also Maine Made. My interest in Kelly was generated by the fact that she is a woman running a business in the state where I was born, she is continuing the legacy of creating from the grassroots, and her business is one I want my friends to know more about. I hope you will look at her website, visit her when she vends in the Boston area, and look for her Facebook page. Go to the FB page for Romney Ridge Farm, like the page. If you want a daily dose of sheepy fun, check off the FB notifications options. Daily, Kelly does an awesome job of sharing with us the moments in her day in video or photo format as she goes about caring for her flock and dying her yarns.

There is a variety of sheep at the Romney Ridge Farm, including Romneys, Border Leiester, Corriedales and Southdowns. She also raise goats and blends in their mohair into the wool. The fleece from other local farms are also added in when the wool is at the mill.

The Tickling Sheep video from the Common Cod Ignite Boston event will give you photos and Kelly's description of why she loves what she does. Go and have a look here.

Kelly has a number of bases:

  • Downeast is a woolen spun worsted weight in 200 yard, 4 ounce hanks. There are quite a few colors available and all are lovely saturated shades. 
  • Signature Yarns include Romney Ridge Farm Blend which starts as a base of natural white and brown fleeces over which Kelly adds her dyes. There is a small amount of mohair added to the mix. This yarn is DK weight with 200 yards per skein.
  • Another Signature yarn is the Gradient Farm Blend, this is a DK weight in a 200 yard put up. The colors are applied in runs of tonal colors.
  • The third Signature yarn is the Kaleidscope Dyed Yarn. This 250 yard, 4 ounce hank is individually dyed, no two are quite alike. Go and have a look at the color combinations that Kelly has created.
  • Kelly also has kits, felted animal kits, and stationery

Since the summer, I have stashed a number of Romney Ridge Farms yarns. None have yet become a finished object, but I do have a few in mind. Here is what I have purchased from Kelly.

Farm Blend in the Chartreuse colorway
Farm Blend in the Plum colorway
These two colors are going to become a Wavelength Cowl, that is unless I find some other pattern I like more before I cast on.

Wavelength Cowl by Kate Ray
This Mohair/Wool blend may become a vest.
Rousabout by Kristen Ten Dyke
Willow in the Violet colorway
Willow in the Turkey Red colorway
Willow in the Pumpkin colorway
Willow, in the hard to capture, Lagoon color
I know it is a leap, but this sweater in violet, with bands of the above Willow colors? Would it work?
I also have this yarn, Kaleidoscope in 250 yards of a hand dyed bulky weight in greens and golds. I may make a heavier weight shawl, but  I am still on the lookout for the perfect pattern match.

Kaleidoscope in Wind colorway.
Kelly has a Romney Ridge Farms Ravelry Forum page where you can join in and post your FOs or just witness how beautiful her wool looks knit up.

I hope you will enjoy looking at the links in this post and consider adding some Romney Ridge wool to your stash!


Kelly Corbett said…
You are a lovely and kind soul Erin, I am so glad to know you. See you soon in my favorite city. xxoo

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