June 10, 2015 Work in Progress Wednesdays

What's going on?
It is Wednesday and I have a few projects on the needles..... hilarious laugh track for those of you that KNOW me!!! One project will not be shared, it is a gift and is under super-secret cover.... my sister may lurk here and there, and it needs to be a surprise, since it is a month overdue... I hope by Friday I can share it as an FO, Finished Object.

Fiber Camp Magic Ruffle Shawl
FiberCamp Magic Cake Ruffle Shawl, pattern by Paula Emons-Fuessle
Yarn: assorted sock weight yarns from my leftover bin, knit on size 7 needles.
Fiber Camp and the casting on was back in March, during a class I taught on how to make a Magic Cake.  I worked on it steadily for a while but then this project was pushed aside by other more happenin' patterns. I am now on the border and it should be finished soon, but I think I have over 600 stitches on the needles, so I slog along. I do love the colors and will make this pattern again for sure.

This is the start of my Magic Cake.
For any of you wondering What is Magic Cake, and are there no calories???!!! No, it isn't edible cake, rather, it is a collection of the same weight yarns from stash that you arrange in a color story, or not... and use a Magic Knot to tie the ends together. Once the yarn is wound into a center pull cake, you are ready to cast on. The fun in using this concept is that you cannot see which color will emerge next and it promotes some excitement and persistence for the knitter. Paula has designed a pattern for a very simple yet engaging pattern and she shares her advice on selecting yarns, tying knots and

This is the part that flies, not so many stitches and lots of color changing.

Divergent Series
Pattern: Spring Mystery KAL, aka Divergent Series by Jennie Faifel
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Heritage Paints 150 in the Dahlia colorway and CascadeYarns Heritage Silk in the Primavera colorway on size 5 needles
I want to share that the color of this project is very hard to capture, I may replace this pictures with an updated version if I can get closer to the real tonal value.
I began this KAL project after seeing it on the Ravelry Top Twenty Patterns board. The construction is different from any other cowl I have made and I like the way the multi colored yarn undulates. If you don't know, I am not a fan of pooling and I try to choose a pattern that will not end up in the frog pond because of my aversion. It starts out simply with a few stitches cast on and it grows, I think you might enjoy the construction. As I worked on it I checked the Spoiler Alert thread to see how other projects were looking. I am on the final clue and should be finished within the week if I don't start anything else. All bets are off on that status though, I have a concept I am excited to share with you.... more this weekend on that!

So, I hope you are enjoying good health, nice weather and successful knitting! See you Friday.


Lisa C. said…
Both projects look awesome! I especially like the cowl - the colors are appearing so nicely. Nice work. I am a little motivated, and hesitant, to go count my WIPs. I am not sure how high the number is, but we are definitely talking double digits. Good luck finishing your project, hopefully we can all log something in for FO Fridays!
Lisa C. said…
I almost forgot - cute kitty!

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