June 17 Works in Progress Wednesday

Divergent Roadtrip
Divergent Roadtrip
Pattern: Divergent Series by Jennifer Faifel
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Heritage 150 in Dahlia, Cascade Yarns Heritage Silk in Primavera on size 5
I renamed this project because it puts me in mind of my first ever road trip to WEBS with my Common Cod friend Gina. We strolled the store and warehouse and I was restrained form me in my purchases that day, but when my eyes lit upon the skein of Cascade Yarns Heritage 150, I knew it had to come home with me. I love the lime green color and it will go well with many of the clothes in my closet.
The pattern is an interesting construction and it is a project I will make again. The skills required are not beyond the reach of most knitters, and I love that it tones down the pooling of colors with alternating rows of a solid color. My progress has been a bit plodding until recently. I kind of stopped knitting for a bit as I worked on evaluation related work. Now I am flying along and expect this will be done by Friday.
Do you think of FO Friday as I do? Because I want content for the blog, it helps me to be strategic as I decided which project to pick up and work on. Not quite knitter's monogamy, but close.

Loose Ends Quaker Yarn Stretcher Boomerang
Loose Ends Quaker Yarn Stretcher Boomerang
Pattern: Quaker Yarn Stretcher Boomerang by Susan Ashcroft
Yarn: Loose ends from destash in worsted to heavy worsted weight on size 11 needles
I posted about this concept earlier in the week and I am loving the results! It is a fast moving pattern and I really enjoy  the throb of colors as I knit each strand. I know it may be a tad bold for some of your palates, but consider if you were to use a monochromatic or neutrals based source for your Loose Ends? I hope you will consider it, even if it is in a small project like a mug warmer or fingerless mitts.

As I shared earlier, I do adore this pattern! It is an easy to remember pattern and, for me, a good TV knit. Susan has many, many shawls and scarf patterns, I think scrolling through them might be beneficial to your Queue and Favorites lists!

Loose Ends KAL
We have a Ravelry Forum group, are you a member? The group's name is East Coast Knitters, we have about 150 members so far and not all are from the East Coast, so join in if you'd like. I will be posting info on a Loose Ends Knit Along later this week and I want you to be a part of the fun. Joining a KAL is simple, become a member of the group, read through the rules and then post a photo of your starting point and in the same comment, your Finished Object. Frequent visits to the thread are encouraged, aren't you curious to see how others apply this technique to using up some of their own stash? Sometimes members will post a question or ask for hep, you are welcome to join in and share your thoughts! I usually have prizes for a random number generator winner, so look for info about the KAL on the East Coast Knitters group!

Test Knitting
I am excited to be participating in my first ever test knit. I happened upon this opportunity while reading my FB feed. Do you know about test knitting? Have you done one? Why would you do a test knit?

A test knit is an opportunity for a designer to have knitters work up a pattern before publishing. There are many places where designers will send out an invitation for knitters to test a pattern for errors and clarity of instruction. I would suggest going to the Ravelry Forums and search for Test Knitting. Or to narrow the results, you might join the Forum Group or a designer you like. There are often opportunities posted there. There are a number of rules to test knitting, one of which is to keep the project under wraps until the designer tells us it is ok to post photos. So all I can share is the gauge swatch at this point.

So, as I wait for the delivery of my yarn from WEBS..... (squeee!!!) I am using the same brand and weight of yarn to make my swatches. I know, swatch is a term that seems like a road block or hurdle to getting started. It is more of a speed bump to you as a prevention for frustration, you want to know that with all of the stitches that will go into your project, you want to be able to predict, fairly closely, what size you will end up with.  I am working on my stockinette swatch and will do one in 2x2 ribs to be sure the yarn and recommended needle size is matching the designer's gauge before I cast on. I will be working on this monogamously as the deadline is just after the Fourth of July.

Swatching for a Test Knit
Pattern: More info later
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted on 8s

Linky loos
Are you new to the blog? Are you aware that if you hover your cursor over hyperlink text, it will change color letting you know to click through to the image I want to share. Typically, in this WIPs or FO formats, I will link to my own project page and that of the designer's. I also add links to places and events. So test it out, if you are not familiar. Just move the cursor to the name of a project or pattern and see what I am describing.

I have heard from a few friends, who know how to message me on Ravelry or email, that they want to leave comments after a blog post but they don't because it seems complicated or confusing. As a screen against roaming spammers, the site asks you to register your gmail in order to post a comment from a real, non-spamming person. If you don't use gmail and you'd like to be able to leave comments or questions the solution is simple. Create a gmail account for yourself and then you can jump into the comment pool. It is motivating and inspiring for me as writer to read the comments and it also revs me up to continue to post and search out new topics and techniques to present. I have a number of regular commenters, and I love to read their encouraging words. The other suggestion I would make is to have you leave your Rav name if you like to hear from other knitters. It makes it easy to go to the Ravelry site and add friends that way.

If you look to the right of these posts, near the top of the page, there is a place to register your email. If you join in this manner, you receive an email whenever a new post goes up. I tend to be a bit sporadic in my keeping up to date with things, and I follow a number of bloggers so I tend to read them from my email list. If you need a nudge to catch up with currents posts, this is one strategy that works.


Lisa C. said…
Good luck with your test knit - very exciting!
Karen Gareis said…
I absolutely love the color scheme on your Divergent Roadtrip! That is going to look fabulous on you. I'm a big fan of your color sense!

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