Needle Felting with Kelly Corbett

Annissa, mom, teacher, small business owner and candidate for City Council
Annissa is an amazing person in many ways, she has an inviting and warm personality, boundless energy, and an awareness that hard work and perseverance  pay off. She owns a local yarn and sewing shop, The Stitch House. Please remember her name when it comes time to vote this fall. Here is a link to a Boston Globe article.

Stitch House is my favorite LYS in the Boston area. I love the array of products they carry, yarn, notions and Amy Butler fabrics to name just a few of the things you'll find through the door of this shop. The other great feature is their knowledgeable and helpful staff, their classes (for adults and kids) and the sewing room where you can rent space for sewing up a new garment. Today I went there for a class in needle felting.

Kelly Corbett of Romney Ridge Farm Yarns
Kelly Corbett, of the Romney Ridge Farm Yarns creates felting kits complete with the colorful directions, necessary tools and materials. Today's class at Stitch House had about ten students and it was a peaceful and creative time spent crafting little puffins. The previous class at Stitch House made wooly sheep. Kelly has offered to teach us to wool felt images of our pets, so if that sounds interesting, call and leave a message with Stitch House. I'm sure they will have another class, you should be there!

The process of making a felted critter is pretty simple, Kelly's kit contains the wool sphere that you apply the colored fleece to with a felting needle. The tiny shallow jabs of needle into sphere creates a more densely packed ball of wool. Kelly demonstrated the techniques to create the beak, tail and feet. She also talked us through applying the bands of color to create the eyes and the other features typical of a puffing. All of the puffins had their own distinct character, all were beautiful.

The class picture! 

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