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Tuesday- tools and techniques
As a blogger, I have decided to invest some dollars in tools. Each week, look here for a review or technique as I write with the hopes of enabling you in categories outside the typical yarn and pattern purchases. I am uncertain how I came to know about this tool, perhaps I saw a mention of it in one of my knitting magazines or heard someone share that they had one.  I follow their FB page and one of their recent comments jogged my interest. Fridays are paydays and I always feel entitled to gift something to myself. Usually it is a pattern, but this time I chose to get a tool.

YarnIt in Crystal Clear.
YarnIt was created by Kate Sullivan, a knitter, entrepreneur and innovator. The initial nudge to design this tool occurred when her working yarn rolled off her seat while in flight and it rolled down the aisle, collecting every bit of grit, dust and lint. Kate was inspired to market a tool to protect and showcase a cake of yarn. It comes in three colors, and there are two themed YarnIts, one for Breast Cancer Awareness, the other sports a mustache.

Lavender Haze
With a Cherry on Top
I Pink I Can
The Manly
Why do I like this product? (Follow this link to hear the inspiration behind the creation of this tool and the features that make it special).

  1. I do love supporting small American businesses. I love that this product is made here in the states.
  2. The base fits into the cup holder of your car, perfect stowing spot when you knit as you wait to pick up kids or if you are lucky to ride shot gun and knit during roadtrips.
  3. I have two cats, one of whom is a stealthy fiber fiend. This device provides protection from purloining paws and naughty kneading of fiber.
  4. It has a sturdy base, or, you can use the carry strap to knit as you walk or work in the wild.
  5. There is a sneaky spot to store small notions. You can stow Puppy Snips, stitch markers, a darning needle and other small tools.
  6. There are slots for your needles when you take a break from your project. 
  7. As the designer mentions, having my project out  of a fabric bag and in clear view, it beckons me to come back and do a few rows.
I ordered the Crystal Clear with a turquoise base. You can select which color base you would like when you place your order. I was surprised how quickly it was delivered and the packaging was beautiful, a present for me. Don't you want one?


Alice said…
Thanks for the review. I think I'll have to get one.

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