Friday, no FOs, but a photo of things to come...

Summery fabric for project bags

I am nearing the deadline and completion of my test knit; it has forced me to be monogamous and dedicated. As I sit and knit, I am thinking of the many topics I want to share with you. The Tools and Techniques page has me eagerly looking at my own tools and thinking of ways to enable you in adding to your tool belt/project bags.  I also look at my bookshelf and think of books you might like to know about. Lastly, I ponder over enticing you into using technology, be it Ravelry, Good Reader or ebooks. So many things to shine a light on, especially for those of you who don't know of or use those tools.

I plan to share my experience of test knitting with you next week, along with adding some new bags to the shop. Right now the cutting and sewing is on hold, but I wanted to wave this fabric under your nose, don't you love the details of the beach prints? The actual color of the background is white, my lighting at night sometimes lends a golden glow which is inaccurate.

I look forward to seeing what you post in the East Coast Knitters forum! It is easy to add a post and photo to the FO Friday thread, perhaps I should walk you through the process. It is easier than you think. Also, I have had a few messages asking for clarification regarding what being an East Coast Knitter means, my response has been that we will not refuse any zipcodes that want to be in the group, so consider joining and participating!

Happy FO Friday, enjoy your weekend!


Asha Francis said…
Ah that beach fabric is very nice! :) I am looking forward to seeing your future posts on notions, tools and books as well.

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