Making Monday, July 6, 2015

Making Monday
Making Monday is a meme I saw once and I like the idea of it. Tools and Techniques Tuesdays, Works in Progress Wednesdays, Finished Objects Fridays, all of these can lend some structure and predictability to the blog. I would love to hear if that is too much for you to consume as a reader, I could always stagger it by weeks. (Which may happen when school starts up again, but for now I relish in a schedule with few demands on my time!) But for the summer, I hope to be more prolific in my writing and photos with the hopes of inspiring you to join me in knitting, even though the weather is warm and sunny, and blustery days are at least three months away!
Knit Wit, Portland, ME
I am working on another gift and have a deadline, so it should be ready to show you on Friday.  The idea for the gift came when I stopped into KnitWit in Portland last week. I do love that shop, so welcoming, inspiring and full of stock! If you want to spend money on fiber and support Maine made, this is the place! My intention  when driving to the shop was to collect "Tools" for my Tuesday post. (I did find some nifty things, but you will have to come back tomorrow to see what I found). I succumbed to the fiber fumes and got some yarn that is now becoming a gift. I also got some Sparrow, a gorgeous linen yarn in a rich shade called Paprika from Quince and Co. I am not positive what I will make, but the Strathcona by Jane Richmond looks good.

Sparrow in Paprika, Quince and Co Yarns
Seedling, Classic Elite Yarns
Have you ever knit with Classic Elite Yarns Seedling? Cotton, aran weight, textured, and available in such lovely colors. I choose two skeins, one in a multi color and one a coordinating solid. I knew I wanted to make a cowl, so I trolled around in my Favorites on Ravelry, and found a pattern that will showcase the yarn. Prisma Loop is a free pattern; it is a garter stitch cowl with options for different finished edges, and so far, it is flying along. I may need to go back to Knit Wit for more yarn, restraint be with me when I do!

Prisma Loop

Will you share what you are working on? Perhaps you have the yarn and you are searching for the best pattern. Or, maybe you have a garment in mind and want to use up stash? Consider joining us at East Coast Knitters, a Ravelry Forum group. Members will be happy to view what you are making!

Bunker Hill Monument, Charlestown, MA
I will repeat again for those of you wish to leave me a comment but struggle with the website. My Ravelry name is 19vesperstreet, leave me a note there or, comment in the East Coast Knitters Forums!


Lee said…
Hi! I love your ideas about a blogging "schedule"! You always inspire me with your yarn/pattern combinations. Love that Prisma Loop!

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