Making Monday: Prisma Loop

Classic Elite Yarns, Seedling
I often think of you, that collective "you", my knitting friends, as I work on my projects. I knit and I wish I could reach out and share how the project and yarn are working. So, instead, I will try to enable you with today's post.

Garter stitch galore

Prisma and denim.
Blocked and ready
Pattern: Prisma Loop by Cloud House Studios
Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns, four skeins of Seedling, knit on size 7 needles

When I was visiting Knit Wit for tools, I spied this great variegated cotton and thought it would make a nice gift. I chose this particular yarn and project because I thought it would be perfect with jeans and a white tee. Seedling is an aran weight cotton, it has a bit of crimp that lends the slightest texture to the project. I enjoyed knitting with this cotton, as it threaded through my fingers I found it had a soft almost silky feel when compared to the dishcloth cotton I usually knit with.
The Prisma Loop pattern is free on Ravelry and requires you to have skills to knit garter stitch, do a three needle bind off and pick up edge stitches. The pattern gives you directions for edging options, I chose to do the garter edge, but picot stitch is explained if you like that detail. If I hear you sighing with the thought that this is too challenging... I want you to reconsider. This is within reach; when I get stuck I find a YouTube video and watch as I do the steps, pausing to re-play if I need to. I do enjoy making a pattern that teaches me a trick I don't know. Doing a three needle bind off is a cool technique to learn,  and useful for joining edges, don't be afraid.
The knitting was easy, 46" of garter, alternating colors every two rows. In using this technique, it reduces the pooling effect. Modifications to pattern include, using a larger needle when picking up edge stitches, the bind off was not a super stretchy, it gave a lettuce leaf effect to the edge. I used the traditional bind off.
I am not averse to using a pattern numerous times and I will make this again. Easy, mindless and cool techniques applied in the finishing. What are you working on today?


Karen Gareis said…
This looks great, and you're right: It's fabulous with denim! Love it.

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