Making Monday, What to Do When You Didn't Buy Enough Yarn

On this Making Monday post, I want to share a strategy for finding skeins when you have underestimated the amount needed for a project, or as a way to catch great deals on yarns.  I find it to be an effective way to buy yarns that might be discontinued or out of stock. It is often surprising to me how inexpensive the skeins can be, in this case the retail price is 18.00; I got a number of skeins at 5.00 each.
Clouds from Knit Cafe Toronto
The Clouds pattern is one I found on the Knit Cafe website, a yarn shop in Toronto. I hope one day I will get to visit that interesting city with multiple LYS. I often lurk on the Knit Cafe pattern page because the esthetic of design is one that resonates with me.  Clouds is one of my "mindless knits" projects that I work on when watching TV or hanging out with family. It is a very simple pattern and will become a much loved scarf this fall and winter. The design is a large square, that when folded, creates an interesting overlay of color and stripes.

Layout of Clouds stripe design

Clouds, knit with Ritratto and Kid Seta
Pattern: Clouds, Knit Cafe Toronto
Yarn: S. Charles Collezione Rittrato and Grignasco Kid Seta on size 8 needles
Rittrato  is a yarn that I used to visit at Windsor Button. Visit, because it cost 18.00 a skein and at that time, I was a much more cost conscious consumer. Now, I tend not to consider price as much as the swoon factor of the yarn. I loved the flow of jewel tone colors and shine. When I found it on sale at WEBS, 3.99 a ball I bought this colorway with the mohair... I had no pattern in mind. If I had thought harder, I would have picked up more than two balls, but I didn't. (Did you know I am impulsive and loathe to read all details and directions? Well, I am). I selected the Clouds pattern, cast on and loved how it looked. Then, the project bag got buried in the pile of "I'll Work On That Later". When I pulled it out to tackle this shawl, I realized I was not going to have enough yarn. This is the important message for today...

Yarn Tab for Rittrato
De-Stash page on Ravelry Yarn tab........ I should start by confessing that this is an Alice in Wonderland scale rabbit hole. You have been warned.
I started my search for more yarn at WEBS since that was where I originally got the Rittrato. No go, out of I then went to the Yarn tab on Ravelry and typed in Rittrato. It will take you to the page that shows the yarn in the many colorways and at the bottom is a row of yarn photos of De-Stash items.
Bottom of page shows items for sale
This De-Stash section of the Yarn page shows that the five balls of red are priced at 5.00 each!!! (Ruh-roh, disregard, look away, disregard, look away). In my experience of shopping in this way, I have met very nice people and have had only good results. I do shop like this and have probably accumulated a dozen skeins, none of which disappointed me when they arrived. I do want to share that you might want to isolate the incoming skeins in your freezer if you are fearful of moths, but I have not had any issues with wool pests.

Note Send a Message link in the upper right.
To pursue this yarn de-stash transaction, you click on the red yarn icon. It takes you to a Stash page. Typically, the seller will give you details such as, "wound into a cake or ball", "still in the skein," or "label missing but never used". Most times, the price and shipping costs are listed in the comments box, but if you see no price, click on the "Send a Message" button in the upper right.  When I send a message to the seller, I usually ask if the yarn is still available and give my zipcode so they can figure out a shipping price. I use PayPal to send money, but some sellers will entertain a swap.

Bought on Ravelry De-Stash
Bought on Ravelry De-Stash
Bought on Ravelry De-Stash
Progress so far, about 50" wide at the base
This knit draws so much attention, I have been traveling by bus from Boston to Portland each week, this is my bus project... it is probably the color, but when the admirer touches the mohair and feels how lightweight it is, they become further entranced. I was in a row of four people knitting last week, totally by chance, none of the knitters knew each other and our conversation seemed to be of interest to those nearby. Please share in the comments if you have ever tried the Ravelry De-Stash method of shopping, I would love to hear your experience.


Asha Francis said…
I have never tried it but I am considering it to pick up a few skeins needed to help me have enough yarn to finish some projects I have coming down the pipeline. I think that pattern is really interesting. I will give it a look see.
Anonymous said…
Not that I need any yarn, I am happy to know how to navigate the Ravlry destash, sounds real easy and very successful. Liza the Blog less
honeybee33 said…
CONSTANTLY. As a chronic WIP-hibernator, I am forever running out of discontinued yarn. I consider the Ravelry destash yarn search tool my second "LYS!"
elns said…
I love the journey to the destash yarn tool and how you navigate getting additional yarn. This was just a fun post in general. I'll have to favorite this pattern for another day! Lovely!

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