Tools and Techniques- The Knit Kit

The Knit Kit
I have seen the Knit Kit in yarn shops before. I never considered buying one, but today, I want to give you reasons to add this tool to your project bag. Imagine having the tools that you will need right at your fingertips, no getting up, heading to your craft room and rooting around for the tool you need? (FYI, rooting around in craft room often leads to the casting on of a new project....).

Organized storage
The Knit Kit, also known as the Swiss Army knife for knitters. It comes in a variety of colors and can be found in your local yarn shop.  The kit is TSA approved, is Made in the USA, and the company offers a one year guarantee for defects (save your sales receipt, return to place of purchase). The kit includes 8 tools in its compact case.

Eight tools in a compact case.
Knit Kit tools include: a needle gauge (twenty sizes from US 000 to 15), tape measure, yarn cutter, two digit stitch counter, darning needle, stitch markers(4 large, 4 small), two point protectors, folding scissors, crochet hook (two sided/two sizes).  Retail price: $25.00.

The Knit Kit
I have been using my Knit Kit for two weeks now. It was handy as I worked on my test knit sweater, the tape measure, scissors, darning needle and crochet hooks were often put to use. I like the compact case, it doesn't take up much space in my project bag and the bright color makes it easy to find.

I got my Knit Kit at The Knit Wit Yarn shop in Portland and I know they have plenty in stock. This would also make for a nice gift for a knitter or someone would crochets. Let me know if you have one and love it!

Next week, I plan to share a home made tool kit for your project bag. Happy Knitting!


Amanda H said…
I have a Knit Kit, and it was one of the best knitting purchases I've made. I bought it on Amazon 3-4 years ago (when they were bright pink), specifically because it was TSA approved. I found the stitch markers and point protectors to be not so great (I just replaced them with my preferred versions), but everything else has been fantastic. My kit lives in whatever bag I'm carrying - it's actually in my backpack next to me right now, as I type this at work. And my preschooler nephew thinks it's awesome, too - he loves playing with the tape measure, and specifically asks for it when he sees me.
Asha Francis said…
Good Reveiw! It does sound plenty useful, I will consider it.
elns said…
I've always wondered about these. I am intrigued it's TSA approved. Honestly, I have a bunch of makeshift toolkits of various sizes. I think I prefer pencil cases honestly.

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