Tools and Techniques Tuesday- Make your own tool kit

Knit Wit Yarn Shop, 247A Congress Street, Portland ME
A few weeks back, I dropped into Knit Wit in search of tools to share with you. Susan has an extensive collection of needles, notions, magazines and..... yarn. The other thing I love about Knit Wit is the array of samples knit in yarn that is displayed nearby. I always feel so inspired, it is dangerous, so tricky to resist the temptations. I seriously urge you to trek into Portland and visit this small but magical shop. Anywhoo, back to the topic of today's post, tools.

Knit Wit Notions
CHIBI needles and case, compact, easy to spot in the project  bag and so cool. This is an inexpensive way to keep the tool you need to weave in ends as you knit. This reroutes you past hours of weaving in when you feel your project should Just Be Finished! Grab this handy tool when you spot one in your LYS.

Skacel Mini Scissors, these were just too cute to pass up, sharp, compact and in a plastic case.

Tape measure, these things disappear like I don't know what. They are so valuable to have handy, and should be replaced periodically. I saw a post on Facebook yesterday that documented how the tape may be inaccurately printed or stretched from frequent use, so pick one up the next time you visit your LYS.

Clover Stitch markers, deluxe! These are cool, they are a bit larger than typical stitch markers and have a clip for a PostIt note with specific directions to follow at that point in your knitting. The kit comes with perforated paper notes.

Clover minis, these plastic stitch markers fit various needles and come in three colors. Handy!

Fix a Stitch, sturdy crochet hooks in three sizes will come into use to fix dropped stitches, weave in ends or create the crochet chain for provisional cast on. There is a tip sheet included that describes methods to repair knitting mistakes.

Knit Kit
Last week I reviewed the Knit Kit. It is a compact collection of handy tools to keep nearby when you are working on a project. For some, the price tag of $25.00 might be prohibitive. Here is an easy solution. Make your own!

  1. Collect your knitting tools- round them up, lay them out, and set upon creating a tool kit for your project bags. 
  2. Locate some tins or small containers, or... go buy some Altoids!
  3. Cool tools to include in your kit: measuring tape, scissors, yarn cutter, darning needle, stitch markers, crochet hook, row counter, stitch holder, highlighter tape. (I discovered I had so many tools but none were handy when I needed them). Safety pins are another item I usually have handy, good for marking wrap and turn stitches.
  4. You might want to add a small pad of PostIts and a golf pencil. Another good item to keep handy is a compact dental floss, lifelines are the saving grace when working on large or complicated projects.  
Search your house for a tin or small container
Now, onto collecting tins or containers and assembling the collection of knit notions and tools in my craft room. I must admit, the collecting of all of these things happened over the course of a few days, I have such an unorganized collection of things in the craft room and so I did it in small doses. I was surprised by the number of things I had and how infrequently they get used because they are tucked away. Now that I plan to make up tool kits for my project bags, perhaps my efficiency will increase? One can hope....

Darning needles
Measuring tools
Scissors and yarn cutter
Stitch markers
Crochet hooks, stitch holders, point protectors, counters
Completed home made tool kits
So, you decide, will you opt for the compact and handy Knit Kit? Or, will you search your abode for the many tools you have on hand and make some little tool kits for yourself? I may continue to make these and give them out to a friend or new knitting acquaintance, to promote more knitting!! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Next week, blocking tools.


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