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Needle gauges, Google
If you search "Knitting Needle Gauges" on Google, this is what you'll see. I love searching images on Google. Type in any word and then select Images. The array before you can be so very interesting. Take a minute and go do this search, you will find such charming and interesting images.

Measuring gauge (Imported from
Needle Gauge
This tool is very useful and handy to have in a project bag. I love looking at the variety of these tools, go to Etsy and buy a wooden one in any number of silhouettes. A needle gauge often displays a ruler of measurement marks in inches and centimeters. There are dual sizing stats for your needles. Sometimes, there is an angled window to hold over your gauge swatch for stitch and row counts. Suffice it to say, a handy dandy tool to have.

I have a few of these strategically stored with my needle collection.
 I plan to share a post about needles and storage ideas, but for today I will leave it at this. I keep a needle gauge in my KnitPicks Interchangeable Needles bag, I keep another in the bin where I store needles in their packages, and I keep one with my current WIP bag. They aren't that expensive, pick one up as an alternative to spending money on yarn souvenirs when you travel. Tools can be such a useful addition and don't technically infringe on the stash. LOL

Twig and Horn Gauge Ruler Image imported from Twig and Horn
How perfect to measure stitches and rows?
The Twig and Horn page says this tool is out of stock, I picked mine up at Knit Wit, Perhaps you should call and have them hold one for you to pick up asap? This tool is made in Maine from birch plywood. It will become my new best friend, I have been making swatches a lot lately! You know I love to support local business and American made, right?

Knit Wit is located in Portland Maine at 247a Congress Street. They have an active Facebook page, click "like", then click "Follow" and "Notifications" to stay on top of new arrivals, shop samples and upcoming classes.

If you find a particularly inspiring gauge for sale, share it in the comments or at East Coast Knitters Forum page under Favorite tools and techniques!


Asha Francis said…
I have a gauge from Karatstix on Etsy who apparently is now retired! I have taken to making gauge swatches myself after a failed attempt at starting a project. They are definitely useful.

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