Works in Progress

Pattern: Clouds by The Knit Cafe Toronto
Yarn: S. Charles Collezione Ritratto, Grignasco Kid Seta on size 8 needle
This pay-for pattern is another from the Knit Cafe of Toronto. I love how lightweight it is and the colors make me happy. I do love midnight blue and the bright blue, the knitting actually goes pretty quickly, given that it is stockinette stitch. I do believe this is a pattern I will make again. Easy and so elegant.

Pattern: Navarra by Berroco Design Team
Yarn: Cascade Yarns ECO+ size 11 needles
Navarra is a free pattern for a very long scarf/wrap. The seed stitch slows me down a little but it is a pattern that is fool proof to work on when in conversations with family or watching an engaging movie. i am at the half way point now, my goal is to finish it before August arrives.

Pattern: Daybreak by Stephen West
Yarn: Toil and Trouble Classic Yarn in colors Lady Sybill and Smoke Signals on size 4 needle
I have made a Daybreak before but this time around, I am being more of a detail stickler, my left leaning increases actually lean left! ha! The Toil and Trouble yarn from Circle of Stitches is glorious in color and so soft. I am in the second section of the pattern where the skeins alternate and create striping. Daybreak is a $6.00 pattern.

Pattern: Prisma Loop by Cloud House Studio
Yarn: Classic Elite Yarn Seedling on size 7 needle
This cowl is to be a gift, it is an easy knit and the garter stitch really pops in this yarn. I have about 12 inches to go before I join the loop and then pick up stitches for a solid edging. Is you haven't tried Seedling, I urge you to search it out. I picked it up in Knit Wit and there is still some in stock. It would make for a nice substitute for wool if you are knitting for someone who finds wool itchy. Prisma Loop is a free pattern.


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