Finished Objects Friday, part 1

Poppy Fields Sweater
Sleeve detail
Pattern: Poppy Fields Sweater by Kristen TenDyke
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride, Amethyst colorway, on size 9 and 10 needles
I knit this sweater as a test knit and I really loved the experience. I learned a number of new techniques, and thanks to the deadline, I finished a project quickly. (I am famous for have 10-12 things in project bags at one time). In finishing quickly, I believe my habits may be shifting. I am trying hard to limit myself to three projects. I keep the next project yarn handy so I can look at it and think about what it will become, it gives me incentive to plug away on the current WIP.
I would highly recommend this pattern, read more about this project here.

Pattern: Lady Dye Yarns Topography by Melissa Stadja
Yarn: Lady Dye Yarns on size needles 7, 8, 10
This shawl was knit for Diane's booth at Stitches Midwest. Diane Ivey is a Boston based dyer and teacher at the Eliot School of Fine and Applied Arts. I follow her on FB and when I saw her request for help, I jumped in. It was invigorating to receive a package stuffed with three skeins of exuberant color. Initially, I was uncertain how to proceed, more about my thinking here.
As you may know, I have made Topography numerous times. I like how the wedges sit on my shoulders, and I love the graphic pop of garter stitches in a field of stockinette. This too was a speedy project, off the needles in four days, record time! Gotta love those deadlines, they make me work monogamously.

Closeup of Clouds


Pattern: Clouds by The Knit Cafe Toronto
Yarn: S. Charles Collezione, Rittrato, Grignasco Kid Seta on size 8 needles
Clouds was cast on back in December. It kind of languished in a project bag here in Maine. I am not sure why, but when I pulled it out to tackle it and get it off my project list, I realized I did not have enough yarn. I wrote about my search for additional skeins here. I do love using the Yarn page to find items people are de-stashing. I can find good prices and discontinued yarns and colors. You should consider looking here when you need a certain brand, the deals are good and you help someone unload stash!
At first, I struggled with the mohair, it is so thin and sometimes sticky (humid weather is not a help) but I found my niche and enjoyed working on this knit. The pattern suggests color blocking but you can make it up as you go if you'd like. This square measures 45", and can be worn as a triangle shawl, an oblong scarf or, if you tie the corners, a swoopy, fashion forward vest. I loved knitting this, just when the rows were getting to be too much, the decrease section starts, and you know finishing is not so far away. I blocked this severely and it created a very lightweight and warm swath of fabric. I will definitely make this again. You should try this pattern.

Button necklace
Multi colored purple yarn, off white buttons
Pattern: Crochet Button Necklace or Wrap Bracelet by Ashlee Prisbey
Yarn: Unlabeled cotton, size B/2.25 MM crochet hook
Do you collect buttons? Has someone given you the family button jar? A great way to use up buttons and showcase so oldies but goodies is this pattern. You start by threading your yarn through a button hole, I probably used 60-75 buttons. Then you single crochet a chain, and every 8 stitches, place a button close to the hook and chain stitch. You can alter the density of buttons by chaining more or less stitches, you can also select a heavier or lighter weight thread. The possibilities are endless. If you don't have a button jar, check out the local craft stores, Joann's has a number of pre-packaged buttons in themes of colors. You won't make just one, when people see you wear it, they will want one too!

This is part one of my Finished Objects Friday, I have been remiss in posting. I have more to add in a post that should be up tomorrow morning.
Happy knitting!


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