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Union Square, floats.... not bad for my first real stranded knitting?
Union Square

Pattern: Union Square by Jumper Cables
Yarn: Lady Dye Yarns, sock weight in solid orange, second skein is turquoise and bright pink. Knit on size 6 and 8 needles.
I had saved this pattern to my Favorites when I first saw it on the Top Twenty in May. I like the windows of color and the close fit of the cowl. It was fun to knit and went fairly quickly, I finished it in a week. The yarn was sent to me by Diane when I responded to her request for booth samples. I wish this had been done in time to send it to her for a second booth display, but she said she was good with samples and to keep the yarn for myself as payment for making the Topography Shawl.
I have done a tiny bit of color work, but this project helped me to overcome my trepidation for future patterns that call for this technique. I found it to be fun and the knitting went quickly as I was eager to see how the windows would look in the shades of blue and pink.
Fit wise, it could become a cowl/hat in stormy weather, or you could let it scrunch at the neck or fold it over for a more sturdy turtleneck look. I wet blocked it, no pins, dimensions are 10" x 19".

Prisma Loop
The color of this yarn is so hard to capture.
Pattern: Prisma Loop by Cloud House Studio. Free pattern.
Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Seedling in Horizon and Multi on size 7 needles.
I was in Knit Wit and Just.Getting.Tools. when I spotted these skeins and thought Perfect! A gift for someone who loves denim, who has blue eyes, and birthday coming up! It is 45" of garter stitch, then seamed (uses provisional cast on). After the cowl is created, you pick up stitches for the garter border, the pattern also details alternative edging, like picot. Dimensions after wet blocking are 19' x 11". I really should have bought an additional skein and made it long enough to wrap twice, but I would have had more than half a skein leftover. The yarn is cotton, so soft and lofty. The colors, though muted, are appealing. This is a great gift.


Pattern: Nymphalidea by Melinda VerMeer Free pattern from Knitty.com
Yarn: Madelinetosh Sock, Bearded Iris, Louet Gems Fingering in Navy on size 5 needle.

I first saw this on display in Iron Horse, Natick. The lacy edging is so beautiful and I love welting, the ridges created by purling two rows, then knitting two rows. The raised ridge is so architectural. Hard to believe I cast this on way back in April of 2014.... I had it here in Maine and I guess I thought it was too complicated to knit while sitting and watching TV. I pulled it out of the project bag and reprinted my directions and realized how easy it is. And did I mention I love welting? It really does create a 3D effect! I blocked it using wires and pins, heavily blocked, the size is 76" x 15". I would definitely make this again!

This project has made me fall in love with welting!
Knotting the corners will create a flow-y vest
Folding these stripes vertically or horizontally gives you two looks.
Pattern: Clouds by KnitCafeToronto
Yarn: Madelinetosh Sock in Bearded Iris and Louet Gems Sport in navy on size 8 needles
I have written about knitting this and blocking it, but I never really showed you photos of the finished square. This will be a go-to accessory for the fall and winter, the mohair is so light and fluffy and the warmth it lends is so cozy. The cool thing about this pattern is that you can follow the suggested striping or just make it up as you go. I added garter stitch and like how it looks. I blocked it severely and it really opened up the stitches. Easy, fun and oh so delicious!


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