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Raglan increases
Sorry I haven't been sharing my WIPs of late. It is a bit challenging to find a block of time to get centered and write with no interruptions. I find my best time to pull my thoughts and photos together is before breakfast, but sometimes I feel rushed to accomplish the task before my door opens and I hear a soft voice say "You up???" I love being here and making things easier, but I am unsuccessful in making "me" time. Last night, despite my worries, I took a half hour walk and it was so good to get out of the house, move quickly and just take in the sunset and the neighborhood. When I arrived home, mum was sitting up, waiting for me, even though I had helped her to get settled in bed three times before leaving. She is so sweet, I don't get mad but it infringes on my ability to get focused and stay there until my task is completed. I am not complaining but stating the facts of offering to be a caregiver. Tomorrow, my sister will be here and I will have some time to just think and write.

Louet Gems Sport Weight, Linen Grey
Louet Gems Worsted Weight, French Blue
I have been getting so much done with my projects, though they are long process works, I am making headway. After completing my test knit sweater, I left the experience thinking... Why don't I make more garments? I have two lovely patterns from my friends Patricia of Tidal Yarns that I have been aching to make. I want to use Patricia's yarns, but must wait to select colors at the next wool festival or drive to Old Lyme..... Instead, I searched for a yarn on WEBS. I have a special place in my heart for Louet Gems. Have you ever tried this yarn? So plump and soft, and consistently high quality. I chose two colors and two weights. I am using the sport weight on my Tidal Tee.

I just cast on a day ago, look at the progress!
Pattern: Tidal Tee by Debra Parcella (Pattern is available directly from Patricia, not yet on Ravelry)
Yarn: Louet Gems Sport weight on size 5 needles Colorway, Linen Grey
This pattern is written in old school style, at least that is how I see it. It is one size and the directions are very direct. I just love how my raglan increases look in this yarn, such awesome stitch definition. The silhouette of this design is a scoop neck, short sleeve top with bands of seed stitch detail. I must say, I scored on the yarn from WEBS, $6.99 a skein instead of the retail price of $15.50.

Pattern: Amari by Marie Grace Smith Free pattern
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted in Amethyst and Peacock on size 10.5 needles.
I have made this shawl at least four times. I love the size and the border of lace. Because I am here in Maine, away from my stash, I have been looking at what I have on hand. The amethyst is leftover from my test knit sweater, the peacock I had with me for the tubular cast on. The two multi colored balls are from a de-stash purchase. I thought I would use them as accent garter rows but have decided to wait and use them to make a crochet button necklace with color coordinated buttons I saw at Joann's.

I started this on Monday and it has flown, thanks to the big needles and worsted weight yarn. I have run out of yarn and am thinking the border will be a harvest gold or ruby red. I need to see if Central Yarns still caries Brown Sheep. Funny how trying to use up stash inevitably involves making another yarn purchase??

Amari, waiting for more yarn to finish lace edge.
What project are you working on? Or are you a seasonal knitter and waiting for the fall to pick up a project??


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