A moving pattern description and a tribute to a loved one

Gramma's Hug by Carolyn Macpherson, image imported from Ravelry.
I try to make a habit of reading the Top Twenty Patterns on Ravelry, sometimes I score a short term offer of a free patten, Other times, I discover something that will become a trend, and most of the time, I like to see what favorite designers are up to.

Today, I found this shawl,  Gramma's Hug and the description of the design inspiration is one you just must read. It inspired me and lifted me up. I plan to cast one on and give it to my mum. She moved to a Memory Care Assisted living a week ago and she is having a hard time adjusting. It breaks my heart to see her insisting she needs to come home and raise her family.... I think this pattern will give me a place to pray for her as I knit and hope that she comes to accept the new place to live.

Do you have a prayer shawl or pattern you knit on when you feel adrift, sad or helpless? Please share in the comments.


Carol said…
We moved my father to a memory care unit and I know what you are going through. It is so hard for these people to be there. One woman kept telling the staff that she had to leave to pick up her kids at school.There is no easy answer to this problem. When my sister had terminal cancer, I knit her a shawl and it really helped me emotionally to do it. She wore it every day until she passed away. It's important for you to have someone you can talk to for support and I hope your siblings help out. I will be thinking of you.

elns said…
It's a beautiful shawl and I hope it does help bring you some peace while you and your mom go through a difficult transition. Sending you all my best.
Evelyn said…
Lovely post, E. I imagine that knitting this beautiful shawl will give you a closeness to your mum that will transfer to her when she wears it.

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