Bixby Bars, Made in Maine

Bixby Bars, made in Maine
Bixby Bars
One Sea Street Place, Rockland, Maine
Kate McAleer

A blend of organic chocolate, fruit, nuts, spices and brown rice crisps.

This summer, I enjoyed many aspects of living in Maine while staying with my parents. I frequently watched the local news. The story of her business concept and it's success was intriguing. She has been featured in Yankee Magazine and WCSH news. She has been awarded the SBA Young Entrepreneur for Maine. I enjoy hearing how people grow their concept to a successful business. Recently, I splurged and ordered a twelve pack assortment of bars. They are so tasty, and the unusual blends of flavors make for interesting taste experience. Here is a video of her story, as featured on WCSH.

My favorite flavor is the Blueberry and Black Pepper Walnut bar. The Crunchy Peanut Butter with Maine Sea Salt is yummy too. I wonder if you are a foodie looking for a new twist on candy, healthy ingredients, no corn syrup, unique flavor combinations? Or perhaps, you like to support new and innovative companies? There is a list of stores that carry her product, type in your zipcode and select and area of 10-20 miles radius. I am pleased to see they are carried in my local Whole Foods, if you want a new treat, check it out.
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