Tools and Techniques: Pompoms!

Hello knitters! I am not on hiatus but rather, back to work, and anyone who teaches knows that September and October are the "heavy lifting" months. We have returned to the school routine,  I have a number of new personalities in my room. I have been working on getting to know them, their skills and their needs, and in that time, building trust. As special educators, we are ever on the look out for ways to build in data collection, and I am lucky to be a recipient of a new online tool to use as a curriculum. It gives us a uniform plan to follow and use to create IEP goals, and use for assessment and program development. This tool has been an additional sharp learning curve, and I am still fumbling, but pushing on.

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I have been knitting, but I am working on a few projects that don't reward me with blissful moments as often as I would like. I have been ripping back, fixing errors, and making slow progress, but I can share that info on WIP Wednesday....
So, back in the summer, if you were reading along with my journey, I decided that with a stash the size that I have, more yarn purchases could not always be rationalized. (Note that I built in some wiggle room for myself in that statement). I have been on the look-out for tools and techniques, and have really enjoyed a shift of focus for blogpost inspirations! This week I want to share with you a technique and a tool.

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Do you love pompoms? They are great to add to hats, and make for fun toys or decorations. Often, when at knitting retreats, I have seen trees and shrubs adorned with garlands of pompoms. I think making pompoms would be a fun rainy day activity to do with kids or knitting friends.
These little devices are not expensive, and are worth checking out the next time you visit your LYS. Pompoms can be made in alternative ways, with items found at home, but these tools were fun to experiment with and I don't regret my small investment. They are tools I know I will use in the future.

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The Clover Pom-Pom Maker can be found in most big box craft stores and small local yarn shops. This item is linked to WEBs, where you can order a small or large size tool (it includes two large or two small devices) for $7.00 and $8.00 respectively. I enjoyed using this tool because of the ease in winding the yarn and the cutting of the pompom. Here is a five minute video that shows you the basics.

Lion Brand PomPom Maker, image imported from and credited to
The other PomPom maker I bought was this one by Lion Brand, it is a tool that comes in three sizes. It's a little more challenging to use, but the smallest size rings makes a tiny pompom. This device can also be purchased in most craft stores and LYSs.

If you go to YouTube or Google and type in "Making pompoms", you will find many tutorials and crafty inspirations for using pompoms. Pinterest is another good spot to go and browse for ideas.

I hope this post adds a bit to your day, good luck, and happy knitting!


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