Big heap 'o wool, not much progress

This is but one small view into my stash and collection of books,
Dedicated knitters are prone to the pitfalls of yarn sales, pattern queuing, and knitter's envy. A case of knitter's envy often occurs during social knitting, but it can also happen while trolling Ravelry or reading magazines. You see something that you covet, that you must make, and you think, uh oh, I already have more than a dozen projects on the needles. How can I keep casting on? The sign of a truly dedicated knitter is someone who has plenty of needles, and doesn't have the natural stop gap of..... oops, no more size 7 needles until I cast some projects off.  

This is a photo of my stash in the brown hues..... I'll not admit if there is more
The casual knitter is a lucky crafter, they don't feel the compulsion to knit one "just" more row, or stock up on the work horse yarns they find on sale. When they describe their stash, it in amazing to me that they have fewer than two dozen skeins. Trust me,  love my stash and I use it regularly, but there is a burden to bear when you have things tucked into numerous nooks, crannies and storage totes. The long view over what you have is so much easier to make I you are in the group that describes stash in quantities of one or two dozen, right? Many casual knitters don't even use the term workhorse yarn, perhaps because they don't understand yet tat there will be a collection of suppliers that will become "go-to" sources for projects because the yarn is so soft/squishy, gives good stitch definition or comes in coveted colorways.

Brooklyn Tweed's Loft.  One of my go-to yarns.
In the case of the obsessive knitter, workhorse yarn is a term used to rationalize excessive spending. No, that's not true. a knitter comes to find yarn that they love for a multiple of uses. The colors available, the texture and softness.... all of these qualities create a craving for the equivalent of a well stocked pantry. Workhorse yarn means the "staple" stash yarn that works for hats, baby items, toys or scarves. Sweaters, mittens, socks, you name it. 

I wonder where you are on the spectrum, as a knitter collecting a pantry of stash? Are you discerning when it comes to bringing more skeins home to squirrel away? Or are you a hungry wool pig and want to give most cast offs a home so they can become something knitted? Do you see de-stash offerings from friends as a "pile'o puppies" needing a forever home? I do.... hence the overflow, LOL. Happy knitting friends!!


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