Do you love this border?
Pattern: Amari by Marie Grace Smith
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted  in Amethyst and Aztec Turquoise, and Berroco Vintage Chunky in yellow,  on size 8 needles.
I've made this pattern a few times before and I love the mindlessness of the pattern, my hands can stay busy and I make few mistakes while chatting with friends, watching TV or just looking to have something to meditate on. It is easy enough to knit and the lace border is fun and beautiful once blocked. I am not sure if this will be a gift or if I will keep it. The weight and colors make me happy, but then how many shawls can one person wear??? What would you do?

This wrap is so long and cozy. 
Pattern: Navarra by Berocco Design Team
Yarn: Cascade Yarns ECO +, color Amethyst Heather on size 11 needles
I made this for my sister and worked on it in the heat of the summer. It was a bit of a slog but the final 20 inches or so flew. I checked the pattern and realized how close I was to finishing and worked away til it was done. It is super long and if you know Eco+, you know how warm and soft the wool is. I would definitely make this again, it is a lot of seed stitch but it is such a statement piece. It  looks great just folded over the back of a chair. Pattern is free on the Berroco website.

Pattern: Twiddle Muff by Warrington and Halton Hospital
Yarn: Red Heart Worsted, knit on size 13 needles
I have seen these Twiddle Muffs on my Facebook feed over the past six months and I thought I would try making one. It is an easy knit, basically a stockinette rectangle that you fold into a tube and then join the ends to create a bulky cylinder.  I held the yarn doubled and used a large needle, so it was finished quickly.
I will definitely do some things differently next time. First off, I will use super-wash wool next time. I think I will choose a more neutral color, and I will make the twiddle items detachable. The ones on this project are sewn on and this will make washing it a bit fussy, the pompoms will need to be taken off when washed. (I should note that in my mention of making the fiddle toys detachable, I have seen some that have a fabric tab sewn to the item and a button holds it to the muff. This means laundering will be easier and more gentle on the pom poms and ribbons).
The purpose of a Twiddle Muff is to occupy the hands of patients with dementia or Alzheimer's. The muff give restless hands a warm place to touch and work the various items attached to it. There is a free pattern that I used for this project and you will find many more if you search the web and Ravelry. This project would make a nice gift for a family member but would also make for a new type of charity knitting. Nursing homes and geriatric wards would appreciate these too.


Love the Navarro...and couldn't figure out what the Twiddle muff was for, glad you explained it...great idea..
elns said…
I am all over that Navarra. Gorgeous. I have to say if you'll actually wear that shawl regularly than keep it, otherwise pass that beautiful happiness on to someone else who will enjoy it. 'cause yeah, I'm a lot of shawl girl too, ha! Now socks ...

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