A year long project, Knit the Sky

This was my first attempt at a palette for Knitting the Sky this year.
Knit the Sky, by Lea Redmond, is a different type of knitting book. It is a springboard for a new way to approach your project planning. It offers a number of novel ideas that allow you to make your knitting personal and memorable. The illustrations and upbeat text are inspiring and innovative, and this is a book I will keep on my shelf and probably gift to others. It is that good!

I am one who often gazes upward to view cloud formations, colors in the sky, and, of course, the weather. I like to think I got that from growing up in Maine where the weather can change rapidly. Many times I might remark to whomever I am with, "Oh that color! I wish I had paint or fabric in that shade!" Now I am setting myself the task of recording daily the hues of the sky and clouds.

My header photo shows a batch of yarn I got from WEBS, and when I ordered, I thought the colors would be perfect. I chose the Alpaca lace weight because it allows you to blend two tones together to capture the color of the sky and clouds each day.  Except.... when I got my package, the colors were a bit too dark, and the green, well, the green won't do. The only time I have seen a green sky is during the Wizard of Oz, so.... back to the drawing board.

This is a collage from my Instagram feed showing my project colors, Quince and Co!
This photo captures the array of hues I will knit to capture the colors of the sky. I do love Quince and Co Finch, it was easy to order and the yarn is so plump and beautiful. The solid cream is Malabrigo Silky Merino... somehow I forgot to order a natural color from Quince and Co. for a white, cloudy day. I am knitting with vintage peach colored needles, they are an eBay find and have a springy feedback for plastic and they have nice tips. Each day I take a few minutes to record in knitting the color of the sky. I have wondered if I will stick with it? Will it be long enough? Will I end up frogging? It is too early to say, but so far I have enjoyed this knit.

This is a record of the first half of January.
Knit the Sky
Pattern: One I have made up, garter stitch, seed stitch.
Yarn: Quince and Co Finch in the following colors: Delft, Glacier, Storm, Petal, Frost, Audouin. Malabrigo Silky Merino in Natural

Using size 3 needles, I cast on 76 stitches. I am thinking I may use the Petal to mark the end of each month, knitting a few rows of seed stitch in pale pink. I am hoping to get a decent length for a scarf but it may become a cowl if it is too short. How much do you love the garter stitch? Especially in the Finch?

So, if you are inclined to join in, another resource for yarn is Knit Picks, they have such an array of hues. Knit the Sky gives you so many ideas for knitting the sky, but the basics, choose a time of day, my window is 11AM to 1 PM. You can take a daily photo or make a note mentally, I have seen some Instagram images where the knitter uses colored pencils to record conditions. You can choose other stitches and widths, perhaps you decide to make a throw or a pillow, or a wall art piece, the concept can be applied in many ways. As I mentioned at the opening, the author suggests you choose a lace weight yarn that you hold double, that way the blending of blues, greys and whites has a broader array.

I have been using a hashtag when posting on Instagram, #knitthesky2016. If you join in, add the hashtag when you post so that our projects can be found and perhaps inspire others to join us!


I tried this last year....did not make a month....good luck!
elns said…
Interesting project! I hate when the colors don't come back as anticipated. I just had a moment like that with some cotton dishcloth but it wasn't such a color dependent project.

I love your description of the Quince & Co as plump. I closed my eyes and could feel that "squashy" feeling in my mind :)

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