Knit the Sky

Knit the Sky 
I found this cool book while browsing on Amazon a month ago. I so loved the artwork, and the concept, that I ordered it. I have wanted to share it with you here, but I have been waiting to get the best palette of yarns. I was planning to start this on New Year's Day.... but the yarns ordered just don't do the project justice. I ordered Finch yarns from Quince and Co and will continue to record the day's weather until I receive my shipment. I have decided that I will use the 10 AM to 2 PM window to record the weather/sky and use yarn in the matching hue. I am still undecided as to which pattern I intend to knit. A narrow scarf is not my style and I knit daily, so I am thinking a row of 120 or so stitches is do-able. I will knit garter or seed stitch, or maybe mix it up... but I am eager to begin. I was also thinking I will use some way to signify the month's end, perhaps a stitch pattern or color, still not sure yet....  I am going to give this book a full post for review and some of my favorite ideas, along with a view of my stash and pattern choice for knitting my year of Knit the Sky scarf/shawl.

I am optimistic about this new year and the possibilities it holds. There are some significant milestones planned, at least one wedding, perhaps two. Travel.... knitting retreats, blogging and a high probability of a podcast... Would you be interested? I am motivated to join the many podcasters for a few reasons, first the sense of community. I have friends in the local knitting Guild, I have online friends and Instagram friends, but I am pondering a podcast to share with you in a more immediate way. Second, I do love to enable, encourage and contribute to the knitting habits of others.  Anyone who knows me will attest, my brain is locked down on knitting most all of my waking hours, there are knitting dreams too.... As for the format of a show, I am thinking of including topics like: what I am working on, new additions to the craft cave, friends far and near, Guild events, knitting retreats, perhaps a tutorial, and then, shameless self promotion of project bags and commission knitting.... Currently the draw backs include... time, vanity and more than a touch of nervousness to expose myself and my work on the web. The idea has percolated for a while, but I have so enjoyed the shows by a team of new podcasters that I want to jump in and add my two cents.

Tiny Paper Foxes
 Have you listened to and watched Jenny of the Tiny Paper Foxes? Jenny is a relatively new knitter with an impressive list of finished sweaters and shawls. She lives with her husband and her cat in Brooklyn New York and her show is very interesting. She has exquisite taste in yarns and patterns, she is working to construct a hand made wardrobe, and she knits during her commute each day, so her FOs are consistent. Jenny is very thoughtful and intentional in her project planning and she has such a peaceful and endearing manner. Please go and watch a few episodes. She has just begun podcasting, so it won't be hard to go back to the beginning.


Another podcaster that I have come to love is Nicole Clark of the Hue_Loco podcast. Nicole is a young mum who hand dyes yarns, sews project bags and offers video tutorials on how to make a bag and dye your own yarn. Her quiet and calming voice is something I look forward to, I sit and knit and watch what she has accomplished over the past week. She has a Hue_Loco Etsy shop for her patterns, yarn, and project bags. I enjoy watching the stock turn over and refresh with new colors. Given that she is a new podcaster, she seems to have a major impact on the shopping habits of her viewers! I have linked to the tutorials, have a peek.

Make a project bag.
Link to video

Finally, a podcaster who has a longer episode archive is Molly of the Homespun House podcast. She lives in Berlin, makes bags, dyes yarns and writes patterns. Again, her podcasting style is one of calm and soothing voice, interesting project and pattern choices, and she gives you a view into her creative thought process. There is a shop link on her webpage, go and see some of her unique creations in areas of project bags, stitch markers and progress keepers. Molly speaks of other knitters, yarn dyers, and designers; she keeps you abreast of the things happening in her circles. Another thing I love about Molly is her love of coffee, teas, and teacups....

Link to episode

So, my viewing of these ladies and a number of other podcasters have emboldened me, have encouraged me to give this podcasting thing a try. Wishing you the best in 2016, happiness, good health and speedy needles! Hugs, Erin


Lee said…
I say 'yes' to podcasting! I love seeing everyone's different styles and I thoroughly enjoy your blog, so why not right?
I've found podcasting to be so rewarding. I feel a part of really active community online because of it. When I used to blog I got a few comments when I posted but that was about it for feedback. With the podcast I get comments and all sorts of chat on my Ravelry Group. I was away this weekend (24 hours) and I got back to check my group and I had over 15 messages to check. That is pretty standard, and those comments weren't all directed at me, but were between other members of the group. People open up to you more when you podcast because they feel like they get to know you as you visit them in their own home as they sit and knit and watch you chat. They want to chat back.

I highly recommend it!
Carol said…
A video podcast would be great; I am finding I much prefer these as you really get to connect to the podcaster and see what they are doing.

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